A House Divided: Recovering from Sexual Abuse and by Jerry Donaldson, Catherine Jean Johnson

By Jerry Donaldson, Catherine Jean Johnson

A home Divided is an inspirational, thought-provoking booklet approximately “multiple character disorder” co-authored by way of an abuse survivor and her counselor, and is a needs to learn for therapists, counseling division educators, survivors of physical/sexual abuse and their family or friends.

If you’re skeptical concerning the life of dissociative id sickness or ask yourself how someone might be able to create one hundred fifty personalities not to mention combine them, this e-book will problem your assumptions. An awe-inspiring account of the way Catherine Jean turns into entire after researching the unspeakable sexual and actual abuse she continued as a child.

Despite the awful nature of the abuse, readers will locate mental truths and insights acceptable to their very own own progress.

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