Advances in NMR Spectroscopy for Lipid Oxidation Assessment by Hong-Sik Hwang

By Hong-Sik Hwang

This short presents a accomplished evaluate of NMR spectroscopy, protecting suggestions such as 1H, 13C, and 31P NMR, that are trustworthy instruments to figure out lipid oxidation point, to spot oxidation items, and to clarify oxidation mechanism. The short indicates that 1H NMR spectroscopy continuously demonstrates reliability, accuracy, comfort, and benefits over traditional analytical tools in selection of the extent of oxidation of suitable for eating oil in the course of frying and garage via tracking adjustments in numerous proton indications of oil, together with olefinic, bisallylic and allylic protons. this contemporary analytical technique is proven inside this article for use to spot oxidation items, together with basic oxidation items comparable to hydroperoxides and conjugated dienes and secondary items comparable to aldehydes, ketones, epoxides and their derivatives. through choosing intermediates and ultimate oxidation items, many oxidation mechanisms will be elucidated. A particularly more recent strategy, the textual content demonstrates that 13C NMR and 31P NMR spectroscopy may also supply additional info at the molecular constitution of an oxidation product. Backgrounds, ideas, and benefits over traditional equipment, latest advances, and destiny customers of those equipment are discussed.

Advances in NMR Spectroscopy for Lipid Oxidation overview begins by means of masking a number of the mechanisms of lipid oxidation, together with a variety of tips on how to make sure oxidation products. NMR spectroscopy is then coated, together with its purposes in meals. the subsequent part focuses on 1H NMR Spectroscopy, together with its use for evaluate of lipid oxidation in the course of oil garage and frying. the subsequent part focuses on 13C NMR spectroscopy, together with its use in settling on and deciding upon oxidation items and mechanisms. a last part focuses on 31<

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2 Hydroperoxy cyclic peroxides from photosensitized oxidation of methyl linoleate (Frankel et al. 1982) 36 4 H NMR Spectroscopy for Identification of Oxidation Products… 1 Fig. 3 Mechanism for cyclization of internal 10-hydroperoxided (Frankel et al. 1982) 2-alkenals, trans,trans-2,4-alkadienals, trans-4,5-epoxy-(E)-2-decenal, 4-hydroxytrans-2-alkenals, 4-hydroperoxy-trans-2-alkenals, and n-alkanals from corn oil and sunflower oil heated at 70 °C (Guillén and Ruiz 2005b). In a study with oils rich in linolenic acid, such as rapeseed, walnut, and linseed oils heated at 70 °C, they could detect n-alkanals, trans-2-alkenals, trans,trans-2,4-alkadienals, as well as 4,5-epoxy-­trans-2-alkenals, 4-hydroperoxy-trans-2-alkenals, and 4-hydroxy-trans2-alkenals (Guillén and Ruiz 2005a).

Trends Anal Chem 83:2–11. 012 Bolland JL, Koch HP (1945) The course of autoxidation reactions in polyisoprenes and allied compounds.  The primary thermal oxidation product of ethyl linoleate. J Chem Soc 1945:445–447. 1039/jr9450000445 Castejón D, Mateos-Aparicio I, Molero MD, Cambero MI, Herrera A (2014) Evaluation and optimization of the analysis of fatty acid types in edible oils by 1H-NMR. Food Anal Methods 7(6):1285–1297. 1007/s12161-013-9747-9 Castejón D, Fricke P, Cambero MI, Herrera A (2016) Automatic 1H-NMR screening of fatty acid composition in edible oils.

Therefore, the 13C NMR spectroscopy and related techniques have been used for analyses of foods and agricultural products, as well as for lipids and lipid oxidation. In fact, in many studies to identify oxidation products during oil oxidation, 13C NMR has been used along with 1H NMR (Awl et al. 1986; Frankel et al. 1982). In addition to its supplementary role to 1H NMR, 13C NMR alone can be used for lipid oxidation. For example, Pfeffer et al. (1977) found that the 13C NMR spectroscopy is a good method to distinguish cis- and trans- isomers of a mono-unsaturated fatty acid.

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