Analytical Methods in Probability Theory: Proceedings by Dogeu D. (ed.), Lucaks E. (ed.), Rohatgi V.K. (ed.)

By Dogeu D. (ed.), Lucaks E. (ed.), Rohatgi V.K. (ed.)

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Applied Bayesian Modelling (2nd Edition) (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics)

This publication offers an obtainable method of Bayesian computing and information research, with an emphasis at the interpretation of actual info units. Following within the culture of the winning first variation, this e-book goals to make quite a lot of statistical modeling purposes obtainable utilizing verified code that may be conveniently tailored to the reader's personal purposes.

Stochastic Processes, Optimization, and Control Theory, Edition: 1st Edition.

This edited quantity includes sixteen learn articles. It offers contemporary and urgent matters in stochastic methods, keep an eye on thought, differential video games, optimization, and their purposes in finance, production, queueing networks, and weather keep an eye on. one of many salient positive aspects is that the booklet is extremely multi-disciplinary.

Stochastic Modeling in Economics & Finance by Dupacova, Jitka, Hurt, J., Stepan, J.. (Springer,2002) [Hardcover]

Stochastic Modeling in Economics & Finance through Dupacova, Jitka, harm, J. , Stepan, J. . . Springer, 2002 .

Real Analysis and Probability (Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics)

This vintage textbook, now reissued, deals a transparent exposition of contemporary likelihood conception and of the interaction among the houses of metric areas and likelihood measures. the hot version has been made much more self-contained than ahead of; it now contains a beginning of the true quantity process and the Stone-Weierstrass theorem on uniform approximation in algebras of services.

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