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Anatomy and body structure is a dynamic textbook for the yearlong Human Anatomy and body structure path taught at such a lot - and four-year schools and universities to scholars majoring in nursing and allied healthiness. A&P is 29 chapters of pedagogically powerful studying content material, equipped by means of physique procedure, and written at an audience-appropriate point. The lucid textual content, strategically developed paintings, inspiring profession positive factors, and hyperlinks to exterior studying instruments handle the severe instructing and studying demanding situations within the direction. colour is used for pedagogical impression in A&P. such a lot paintings will encompass based black line, with the most powerful line illustrating an important structure(s) and shading used to teach measurement and form. colour (used purely while wanted) highlights and clarifies the first anatomical or useful aspect of the representation. pupil concentration is interested in crucial studying element in each one representation, with no distraction from over the top gradients, shadows, and loud highlights. the net publication offers scholars with hyperlinks to surgical video clips, histology, interactive diagrams, and cadaver imagery at serious junctures. This publication is offered on-line at no cost at openstaxcollege dot org

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19 Medical Imaging Techniques (a) The results of a CT scan of the head are shown as successive transverse sections. (b) An MRI machine generates a magnetic field around a patient. (c) PET scans use radiopharmaceuticals to create images of active blood flow and physiologic activity of the organ or organs being targeted. (d) Ultrasound technology is used to monitor pregnancies because it is the least invasive of imaging techniques and uses no electromagnetic radiation. (credit a: Akira Ohgaki/flickr; credit b: “Digital Cate”/flickr; credit c: “Raziel”/Wikimedia Commons; credit d: “Isis”/Wikimedia Commons) Since 1970, the development of more powerful computers and more sophisticated software has made CT scanning routine for many types of diagnostic evaluations.

39. If a bullet were to penetrate a lung, which three anterior thoracic body cavities would it enter, and which layer of the serous membrane would it encounter first? 40. Which medical imaging technique is most dangerous to use repeatedly, and why? 41. Explain why ultrasound imaging is the technique of choice for studying fetal growth and development. 1 Human DNA Human DNA is described as a double helix that resembles a molecular spiral staircase. In humans the DNA is organized into 46 chromosomes.

Radiopharmaceuticals c. the link between radiation and cancer Chapter 1 | An Introduction to the Human Body d. X-rays 25. Which of the following imaging techniques would be best to use to study the uptake of nutrients by rapidly multiplying cancer cells? a. CT b. MRI c. PET d. ultrasonography 26. Which of the following imaging studies can be used most safely during pregnancy? a. CT scans b. PET scans 41 c. ultrasounds d. X-rays 27. What are two major disadvantages of MRI scans? a. release of radiation and poor quality images b.

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