Astronomy and Civilization in the New Enlightenment:

This quantity represents the 1st which interfaces with astronomy because the fulcrum of the sciences. It offers complete expression to the human ardour for the skies. Advancing human civilization has spread out and matured this ardour into the great technology of astronomy. Advancing science’s quest for the 1st rules of lifestyles meets the ontopoietic generative trademarks of lifestyles, the focus of the hot Enlightenment. It offers a number of views illustrating how the interaction among people and the celestial realm has educated civilizational developments. students and philosophers debate in physics and biology, the findings of that are establishing a extra inclusive, wider photo of the universe. the various types of the common order and of lifestyles right here awarded, all aiming on the first rules of existence―accord with the phenomenology/ontopoiesis of lifestyles in the logos-prompted primogenital move of turning into and motion, which issues to a way forward for progressing tradition.

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Thus we find the first principles are in this respect similar to the instincts of living organisms. In the depths of our inner world natural principles are in action. We can experience these natural powers through our inner perception. All processes, unconscious or conscious, occur due to these internal cosmic powers. These physical, biological and psychological principles animate the bodies of living organisms. These are the first principles that initiate the motions of physical, biological and psychological behavior.

The endpoint of the bird’s trajectory, B (Grandpierre, 2007), is selected by the biological principle. Nonetheless, different directions are possible from A to B, for instance, east, west, south or north; it is the bird that selects the actual endpoint to be realized. Once the end state B is selected, then the actual trajectory of the bird can correspond to the least action principle as applied to the trajectory between A and B. The greatest action principle corresponds to the selection of the end state favoring maximum survival period and maximum height above, or distance from, the level of equilibrium or death.

Moreover, our approach is the theory of first principles, offering to (4) a more precise, scientific basis. In this way, our substantially complete approach to the Universe has a fundamental significance, elevating metaphysics to a F O U N D AT I O N O F T H E U N I V E R S A L S C I E N C E 29 strict scientific basis, thereby offering unforeseen, wide perspectives of potentially enormous value to the development of natural sciences. Let us now consider how our approach can shed new light on one of the, most realistic version of philosophy, the Husserlian phenomenology.

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