Building Scalable and High-Performance Java Web Applications by Greg Barish

By Greg Barish

Offers the concise roadmap Java builders and internet engineers have to construct high-performance and scalable firm net purposes. full of normal process structure suggestions and balanced with succinct examples for every expertise. Softcover.

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This is obviously more scalable than spawning a separate process for every incoming client request, which is what happens with CGI-bin program execution. Because server-side application programs are invoked by multiple clients at once, using a thread to service their requests allows you to add the minimum of overhead (one thread) per request. Some application technologies, such as EJBs, provide this kind of infrastructure for free. As we'll see in later chapters, EJBs allow you to focus on writing the business logic while they handle the thread management for you.

For example, a Web container can use the HTTP, HTTPS, or IIOP protocols for communicating with other objects and systems. Table 3-2 summarizes the basic interoperability capabilities of the four types of containers. There are many details of the J2EE spec that we could cover at this point. Rather than discuss all of them, we will focus on those that will play a role later in our discussions about scalability and performance. Table 3-1. J2EE Services and APIs Service Purpose HTTP Message-based Web communication HTTPS Message-based secure Web communication protocol RMI-IIOP RMI accessibility for CORBA objects Java Database Connectivity Database management Java Naming and Directory Interface Resource identification and state management Java Message Service Asynchronous messaging between containers Java Interface Definition Language Access to CORBA objects outside of a J2EE deployment JavaMail Notification via e-mail JavaBeans Application Framework (Required by Java Mail) Java Transaction API By robots@Team-Sky Transaction management Team -Sky Table 3-1.

Enterprise-beans> ... class ... entity-admin administrator ... ... ... The Admin Role administrator ... Notice that new security roles can be both defined and linked, as well as applied to various application components such as EJBs.

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