C-H and C-X Bond Functionalization: Transition Metal by Xavi Ribas, James J Spivey, Dawei Ma, Alicia Casitas, Ian J

By Xavi Ribas, James J Spivey, Dawei Ma, Alicia Casitas, Ian J S Fairlamb, Andrei Vedernikov, Livi Mirica, Jennifer Love, Véronique Gouverneur, Esteban Urriolabeitia, Aiwen Lei, Weiping Su, Guosheng Liu

Cross-coupling reactions related to C-H and C-X bond functionalisation are general in ordinary product synthesis and usual items, healing brokers, organic probes, and complicated fabrics. a lot awareness has been given to realizing the mechanistic techniques used to accomplish this, making this a scorching subject lately. during this edited booklet, contributions from around the globe learn those suggestions, with a specific specialize in palladium and copper, in addition to iron û an rising point during this box. Reviewing the hot literature, the publication offers an in-depth realizing of the sphere, guiding the reader to reaching the simplest artificial innovations for fragrant functionalisation. natural and Organometallic chemists, in addition to typical product and pharmaceutical scientists, will locate this an important advisor to a huge transformation at present underway in man made chemistry.

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