Chemical Warfare, Chemical Disarmament by Valerie Adams

By Valerie Adams

Chemical guns were hired in lots of conflicts because the flip of the century, and so they proceed to proliferate because the terrible man's atom bomb. NATO has expressed expanding situation on the chemical battle power of the Soviet Union and the USA has recommenced the manufacture of chemical guns after a moratorium of 18 years. by contrast heritage, this examine examines the problems raised by means of chemical conflict, previous and current. Assessing the heritage of the matter, from the time of worldwide battle I, while using chemical guns first grew to become general, to the importance of chemical substances utilized in the present Gulf conflict, the writer argues for a balanced and sensible overseas reaction to this danger. the consequences of destiny NATO regulations and negotiations presently underway relating to chemical deployment are highlighted. Valerie Adams has labored within the Ministery of Defence, and the dep. of conflict reports at King's university, London. Her different courses comprise "The Falklands clash" and "The Media and the Falkland Campaign".

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7 Readers wishing for a full account of the use of gas in the First World War should consult these studies. My purpose is to consider what the experience of the First World War reveals about the military uses and utility of chemical weapons, and how that experience has shaped subsequent perceptions of chemical warfare. ORIGINS OF GAS WARFARE Neither chemical nor biological warfare is a twentieth-century invention. The use of poisons derived from plants and animals to render weapons more certainly lethal dates back to ancient if not to prehistoric times.

During the nineteenth century, developments in chemistry and in industrial production techniques led to the realisation that chemicals might prove more significant in future wars. Liquid chlorine became available in commercial quantities in the late 1880s in Germany, and early in the twentieth century in Britain and the US. Phosgene had been discovered as early as 1812, and by the second half of the nineteenth century it was being used commercially. ) PREPARATIONS FOR GAS WARFARE By the beginning of the war France, Germany and Britain had some elementary CW capability.

The story they told we could not believe; we put it down to their terror-stricken imaginings - a greenish grey cloud had swept down upon them, turning yellow as it travelled over the country, blasting everything it touched, shrivelling up the vegetation . . [the soldiers] were blinded, coughing, chests heaving, faces an ugly purple colour lips speechless with agony, and behind them in the gas choked trenches we learned that they had left hundreds of dead and dying comrades ... It was the most fiendishly wicked thing I have ever seen.

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