Data Conversion: Calculating the Monetary Benefits by Phillips P.P., Burkett H.

By Phillips P.P., Burkett H.

This publication tackles the 3rd significant problem and the second one such a lot tough step within the ROI method: changing information to financial values. whilst a specific venture or software is hooked up to a company degree, the following logical query is: what's the financial worth of that impression? For ROI research, it truly is at this severe aspect the place the financial merits are constructed to match to the prices of this system to calculate the ROI. contains: the significance of changing facts to financial worth; initial concerns; general values: the traditional values: the place to discover them; utilizing inner specialists, utilizing exterior databases; linking with different measures; utilizing estimates; whilst to desert conversion efforts and depart facts as intangible, studying the intangibles; and reporting the intangibles.

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External failure refers to problems detected after product shipment or service delivery. Typical items in this category include technical support, complaint investigation, remedial upgrades, and fixes. 4. Appraisal costs are the expenses involved in determining the condition of a particular product or service. Typical appraisal costs involve testing and related activities, such as product quality audits. 19 JWSF015-Philip 20 November 29, 2007 13:44 DATA CONVERSION 5. Prevention costs involve efforts undertaken to avoid unacceptable products or service quality.

Consider, for example, the Snapper lawn mower factory in McDonough, Georgia. Ten years ago, it produced 40 models of outdoor equipment items; now it makes 145. Ten years ago, all the manufacturing processes were performed by humans. Today robots do the welding, lasers cut parts, and computers control the 15 JWSF015-Philip 16 November 29, 2007 13:44 DATA CONVERSION steel-stamping process. Productivity at the factory is three times what it was ten years ago, and the workforce has been cut by half (Fishman, 2006).

Most organizations have records or reports that state the value of items such as one unit of production or the cost of a defect. Soft data are more difficult to convert to a value; the cost of one absence, one grievance, or a change of one point in the employee attitude survey is often difficult to pinpoint. The techniques in this book provide an array of possibilities for making this conversion. When more than one value is available, either the most credible or the lowest value is used. 9 JWSF015-Philip 10 November 7, 2007 13:12 DATA CONVERSION 3.

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