Database and XML Technologies: Second International XML by Mary Fernández, Jérôme Siméon (auth.), Zohra Bellahsène,

By Mary Fernández, Jérôme Siméon (auth.), Zohra Bellahsène, Tova Milo, Michael Rys, Dan Suciu, Rainer Unland (eds.)

Modern database platforms improve the features of conventional database platforms via their skill to deal with any type of info, together with textual content, photograph, audio, and video. at the present time, databasesystemsareparticularlyrelevanttotheWeb,astheycanprovideinputtocontent turbines for websites, and will deal with queries issued over the web. The eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is utilized in purposes operating the gamut from content material administration via publishing to internet providers and e-commerce. it's used because the common conversation language for replacing song and snap shots in addition to buy orders and technical documentation. As database structures more and more seek advice from one another over the internet, there's a fa- growingdesiretouseXMLasthestandardexchangeformat.Asaresult,manyrelational database platforms can export information as XML files and import facts from XML d- uments and supply question and replace services for XML info. additionally, so referred to as local XML database and integration structures are showing at the database industry, whose declare is to be specifically adapted to storing, protecting, and simply gaining access to XML records. After the large luck of the ?rst XML Database Symposium (XSym 2003) final yr in Berlin (already then in conjunction withVLDB) it was once made up our minds to set up this symposiumasanannualeventthatissupposedtotakeplaceasanintegralpartofVLDB. Thegoalofthissymposiumistoprovideahigh-qualityplatformforthepresentationand dialogue of recent study effects and approach advancements. it's detailed at scientists, practitioners, proprietors and clients of XML and database technologies.

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As Table 1 shows, Map is filtered by the first step of hashing because it contains a different path expression and a different constant in its if expression. Match:OrderLine and NodeConstr are the two maximal common expressions identified. Note that although FO:children and FO:( ) are equivalent via equals( ), they are filtered by our heuristics as being uninteresting sharing cases. The implementation of code generation is also modified to take into account the identified common subexpressions.

Construction of the function findPCTAGID for USPIDER. Initially, the rows in the table StruDTD are generated corresponding to pairs of parent-child tags in the DTD and all the values PCTAGID are set to one. In order to make dependency (2) hold, we have to stretch the column PCTAGID of the table. For a given b, if and b such that but then set It is obvious that Since the cardinalities of XML DTDs are finite, the process always stops. 2 Sibling-Order SPIDER This variant of SPIDER, called OSPIDER, is sibling-order sensitive.

To this end, the memo table is implemented as a hierarchy of hash tables. Each level in this hierarchy corresponds to one free variable and is probed using the value of that free variable. , a memo table miss). In order to probe the memo table and to record new entries in the memo table in the event of lookup misses, it is crucial to know the values of the free variables. As stated at the beginning of this section, a naïve implementation of memo table lookup could break lazy evaluation and pipelined processing of these values, thus adversely affecting the performance.

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