Deadly Dangerous Kings and Queens by Karl Shaw

By Karl Shaw

Which king misplaced the crown jewels? Which queen used to be as extensive as she was once tall? And who was once the king who died with a poker up his bum? A funny tackle British kings and queens in the course of the a long time. full of evidence and knowledge - concentrating on all of the humorous bits!

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Her favourite was a lead-based whitener that burned the skin, made your teeth rot and your hair fall out, and eventually resulted in death by lead poisoning. Elizabeth lost all her teeth and took to stuffing layers of cloth under her lips to fill out her face. She followed the fashion of the time, highlighting the veins on her chest in blue dye and wearing a hair gel made from a mixture of apples and puppy-dog fat. She once boasted that she had a bath once a month, ‘whether I need it or not’. Towards the end of her reign, it was rumoured that she had grown a beard.

The king who partied For five years after the execution of Charles I Britain didn’t have a king or queen. It was a republic ruled by Oliver Cromwell, but he was not a popular leader. He became even more unpopular when he banned Christmas. Shopkeepers were furious. ‘Cutting the king’s head off is one thing, but getting rid of Christmas? ’ When Cromwell died in 1658, the Royalists were in charge again. In 1660, on his 30th birthday, the former king’s eldest son was warmly welcomed home as Charles II.

William was crowned king on Christmas Day in Westminster Abbey. A cheer went up as the crown was placed on his head. The Norman guards outside thought something had gone horribly wrong, so they started attacking the crowd and set fire to several buildings. William’s first job as the new king was to take his army on a tour of England to let everyone know who was in charge. They destroyed everything in their path. If anyone complained, the punishments were terrible. However, another thing William did was get rid of capital punishment.

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