Divorced, Beheaded, Died . . .: The History of Britain's by Kevin Flude

By Kevin Flude

Featuring stories of homicide, adultery, beheadings, civil warfare, usurpation, and insanity, this e-book takes you on a gallop throughout the historical past of all of England’s kings and queens, plus a number of the much less recognized Scots and Welsh rulers. become aware of the sticky finish that happened Edward II, the tale of the princes within the Tower, the story of the queen who reigned for only a fortnight, and discover even if Macbeth rather was once a king of Scotland. offered in an available, chronological layout, this crucial consultant will fill in all these gaps on your heritage wisdom, remind you of these info you’d forgotten, and supply a few interesting and a laugh proof approximately one of many longest-running monarchies within the world.

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But the death of Eustace and Henry’s control of Normandy, which had been taken by his father in 1144, made Stephen’s position increasingly difficult. Faced with an invasion by Henry, Stephen agreed that on his death Henry would take the throne, while Stephen’s youngest son, William, would inherit all his father’s lands but renounce his own claim. The civilized agreement was some reward for Stephen’s kindness, and the Anarchy was at an end. Stephen and his wife had five children, and he had a further five illegitimate children.

He is now venerated as a Christian saint. OSWY Reigned c. 642–670 When his brother Oswald was defeated and killed by the pagan King Penda of Mercia, Oswy became King of Bernicia. He married his daughter to the son of Penda, who became a Christian, and also persuaded the King of Essex to convert. Despite these diplomatic efforts, in 655 Penda invaded with a massive army, but Oswy unexpectedly defeated and killed him at the Battle of Winwaed (near Leeds), a victory which secured his status as a Bretwalda.

After his death, Cordelia ruled Britain for five years before being imprisoned by the sons of her sisters. She could not bear the loss of her kingdom and committed suicide in prison. LUD Reigned c. 73–58 BC King Lud is said to have been the brother of Cassivellaunus, who led the defence against Julius Caesar’s second attempt to invade Britain in 54 BC. Lud rebuilt the city of Trinovantum with magnificent new walls, huge towers and splendid palaces. The city was renamed Caer Lud or Lud Dun (Lud’s Fort) and later became London.

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