Documenting Oracle Databases by Mike Ault

By Mike Ault

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Journal of Database Management, 18(1), 69-93. Pons, A. , & Aljifri, H. (2003). Data protection using watermarking in e-business. Journal of Database Management, 14(4), 1-13. , & Dhillon, G. (2003). Integrating digital signatures with relational databases: Issues and organizational implications. Journal of Database Management, 14(2), 42-51. , & Wang, Y. (2001). Collusion secure q-ary fingerprinting for perceptual content. Digital Rights Management Workshop (pp. 57-75). Sion, R. (2004). Proving ownership over categorical data.

Figure 5 indicates that the less attributes are involved in the construction of the virtual primary key, the less the impact of attribute deletion. However, as it shall be shown in the next subsection, using less attributes in the construction of the virtual primary key will degrade the uniqueness property of the virtual primary key, which increases the false-miss rates against tuple-related attacks. Therefore, there is a trade-off between tuplerelated attacks and attribute deletion in terms of the number of attributes in the virtual-primary-key construction.

Element-based scheme The multiple-bits scheme discussed in the above section can be called tuple based as it processes data tuple by tuple in watermark insertion and detection. An alternative approach is to process each numerical value independently. A virtual primary key vpk is constructed from each attribute value or data element. We call such scheme element based. Ai) is used as its virtual primary key. The least-significant bit portion lsb consists of ξ bits in which a watermark bit may be embedded.

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