Dominoes and Bandwagons: Strategic Beliefs and Great Power by Robert Jervis, Jack Snyder

By Robert Jervis, Jack Snyder

Fearing the lack of Korea and Vietnam might spark off a sequence response of alternative nations turning communist, the us fought significant wars within the hinterlands of Asia. What bills for such exaggerated alarm, and what have been its outcomes? Is a terror of the domino impression completely rooted within the American strategic psyche, or has the us now followed a much less alarmist strategy? The essays during this e-book handle those questions via interpreting domino considering in usa and Soviet chilly struggle procedure, and in previous old settings. Combining thought and background in reading matters proper to present public coverage, Dominoes and Bandwagons examines the level to which domino fears have been a rational reaction, a mental response, or a tactic in household politics.

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Support prove insufficient to prevent defeat of [South Korea], the question of the value to Japan of similar support . . "77 Second, the effort to help an ally—whether successful or not—will not make the desired impression if others believe that it has so drained the defender's power or resolve that it will not repeat the exercise. Thus even had North Vietnam conceded defeat in the early 1970s, it is far from clear that anyone would have expected the United States to send troops abroad under similar circumstances in the near future.

Thus if the Soviet Union could deny the West access to oil from the Persian Gulf, the West would be greatly weakened. Geography provides a related form of domino dynamics: the fall of one area of the world can give an aggressor access to surrounding areas. In the nineteenth century, British statesmen argued that Russian influence had to be kept out of Afghanistan lest neighboring India be menaced. President Reagan made a similar claim about Central America: "Using Nicaragua as a base, the Soviets and Cubans can become the dominant power in the crucial corridor between North and South America.

S. ) If we let Korea down, the Soviets will keep right on going and swallow up one piece of Asia after another ... if we were to let Asia go, the Near East would collapse [there is] no telling what would happen in Europe. (President 20 Domino Beliefs and Strategic Behavior 21 Harry S. ) If America's efforts for peaceful solutions [in Lebanon] are overwhelmed by brute force, our role in the world is that much weakened everywhere. If we are driven out of Lebanon, ... the message is sent that relying on the Soviet Union pays off and that relying on the United States is a fatal mistake.

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