Electronic Structure of Organic Compounds by Boschke F.L.

By Boschke F.L.

Content material: Chemically precipitated dynamic nuclear polarization, via H. Fischer. -- Critique of the movement of aromaticity, via J.-F. Labarre and F. Crasnier

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Under steady-state conditions from (42, 41, 8, 9) Vxz(e) =9 F F+ 9 Vxr(c) l r(c) "r(e) (45) Tm defining u, is obtained. It will be noted that the nuclear relaxation in R- is described by a single relaxation time T1R. This is a simplification and the reservations outlined in Sect. 1. apply again. However, two quantitative comparisons of the CIDNP of "cage" and "escape" products have been published tf,6f) and (45)was found to hold to a very good approximation. In 10 the polarizations of the products of the reactions given in Scheme V and their dependence on solvent composition [CH3 CO CH3 ]/[CH2 Cla ] were determined.

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