Embedded Java Security: Security for Mobile Devices by Mourad Debbabi, Mohamed Saleh, Chamseddine Talhi, Sami

By Mourad Debbabi, Mohamed Saleh, Chamseddine Talhi, Sami Zhioua

This e-book is a accomplished presentation of embedded Java defense. it's in comparison with the protection version of the Java 2 common version with a purpose to view the influence of restricted assets on safeguard. No different e-book in particular addresses the subject of embedded Java protection. moreover, the e-book presents tricks and recommendations as methods for hardening protection, and provides researchers and practitioners alike a broader and deeper knowing of the problems interested by embedded Java protection, and – as a bigger view - cellular units defense. the writer is a widely known authority and professional in cellular computing and embedded units.

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0). 0, the origin of downloaded MIDlets cannot be authenticated and the integrity of the corresponding JAR files cannot be verified. Therefore, downloaded MIDlets are treated as untrusted and are associated with an untrusted domain that does not grant any permissions to access sensitive APIs or functions. 5. In the CLDC sandbox model, an application must run in a closed environment in which the application can access only those libraries that have been defined by the configuration, profiles, and other classes supported by the device [75].

2 The TSF shall enforce the security policy to objects based on the following: Protected resources, protection domains, and security tokens. Security token is a class with a field that is a byte array. Each byte in the array (the position) represents a certain protected resource. The value of this byte represents the type of access to this resource. Each MIDlet suite has a security token as an attribute. The TSF shall enforce the following rules to determine if an operation among controlled subjects and controlled objects is allowed: For each requested access to a protected resource, from a certain MIDlet, the value of the byte corresponding to this resource is checked.

6 Secure Class Loading The dynamic loading of classes is a crucial feature of Java virtual machines. It allows the Java platform to load and install new software components at run-time. The main characteristics of dynamic class loading are the following: – Lazy loading: Classes are loaded on demand and as late as possible. – Maintaining type safety: Some link-time checks are added in order to replace certain run-time checks. This is performed only one time. – Specialized class loaders: Programmers can define specialized class loaders in order to add special features at loading time.

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