Eminent domain, Edition: 1st by Dan O'Brien

By Dan O'Brien

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Judicial Independence in China: Lessons for Global Rule of Law Promotion

This quantity demanding situations the normal knowledge approximately judicial independence in China and its dating to financial development, rule of legislations, human rights security, and democracy. the amount adopts an interdisciplinary procedure that locations China's judicial reforms and the fight to augment the professionalism, authority, and independence of the judiciary inside of a broader comparative and developmental framework.

Lexico-Phonological Comparative Analysis of Selected Dialects of the Meru-Tharaka Group (Schriften zur Afrikanistik / Research in African Studies)

This examine is an research into the comparative phonology and lexicon of six barely-known Bantu forms spoken in Kenya. those types (Imenti, Igoji, Tharaka, Mwimbi, Muthambi and Chuka) belong to the so-called Meru staff. The research develops a brand new class of those six dialects. for that reason, a dialectological procedure is used, inclusive of the research of wordlists and lists of brief words elicited within the box.

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It could not move against the force of the tide. Jarret tried to measure their movement against the shore. But nothing moved except the water below them. He felt stationary in a flowing world. He felt invisible. But they were not stationary. The wind was across their beam, hitting them broadside, driving them out into the frigid water of Cook Inlet. There was nothing to do except hold their course for home and be taken out further from shore. The waves from the tide and the wind quartered against the wooden hull of the old boat, and with every impact water squirted from the nail holes on the right side of the boat.

The river, at its mouth, was a full mile wide. It churned and eddied in a thousand separate rivers, and when Jarret put his hand into the water he could feel the glacier that it had been only days before. "According to the Indian, the seals should be around here," said Bob as he steered carefully toward where the river narrowed and deepened. Now Bob is moving around the bar. Jarret notices the big man with the ALASKA cap watching him. Bob is laughing loudly and spilling his drink as he talks to two drillers.

I've never known enough about her to sort the good from the bad. The only concrete thing I ever knew about my mother is that she lived in North Dakota. Once, not long after she left, I found a map and located North Dakota. I was too young and my eyes fixed on the town of Fargo, a spot on the map far from my dad and me. We lived on the outskirts of Hector, Minnesota. My friends at school wondered what it was like to live without a mother. They wanted it to be bad. But it wasn't. My dad and I had everything we needed.

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