Empire of the Czar, a Journey Through Eternal Russia Part 1 by Marquis Decustine, Bill Kelsey, Daniel J. Boorstin, George

By Marquis Decustine, Bill Kelsey, Daniel J. Boorstin, George F. Kennan

17 Cassettes The commute adventures of a French aristocrat in Russia a century and a part in the past supply perception into the Russia of this day. initially written in 1839, this interesting description of Russia in the course of the time of Czar Nicholas I discusses the politics, land, humans, and structure of a recognized and notorious reign. "Kelsey's Falstaffian tones bespeak an aristocratic sensibility; his intelligence, facility with Russian names, and enormous persistence serve the tome amply

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Bill Browder’s trip begun at the South aspect of Chicago and moved via Stanford enterprise institution to the dog-eat-dog global of hedge fund making an investment within the Nineties. It persisted in Moscow, the place Browder made his fortune heading the biggest funding fund in Russia after the Soviet Union’s cave in. but if he uncovered the corrupt oligarchs who have been robbing the firms during which he used to be making an investment, Vladimir Putin grew to become on him and, in 2005, had him expelled from Russia.

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PRUSSIA THE AUXILIARY OF RUSSIA. LUTHER THE PERSONIFICATION OF GERMAN CHARACTER. — FRENCH MINISTER AT BERLIN. ANECDOTE OF THE EMPRESS CATHERINE. ANECDOTE OF THE CONVENTION OF PILNITZ. FAMILY MEMOIRS. SOUVENIRS OF THE REVOLUTION. GENERAL CUSTINE. HEROISM OF HIS DAUGH. EARLY IMTER-IN-LAW. HIS SON. TRAGIC PRISON SCENE. — — — PRESSIONS OF INFANCY. It must be owned, though to the disgrace of human kind, that there exists for the multitude, a happiness which is altogether material. This is a happiness which Germany, and more especially Prussia, is its now By enjoying.

Doubtless this sentiment which taught me to comprehend the Christian religion, before even I had been instructed in had been it. I felt from my cast in a place of exile. infancy that my lot FAMILY MEMOIRS. 24 To return to my father : — After he had regained composure, he occupied himself with preparing for" the stern trial that impended, and towards morning his wrote to his wife a tude which it letter displays. admirable for the forti- It has been preserved in the Memoirs of the Times, together with that of my grandfather's to this same son whose death is to be attributed, first, to a sense of duty, which would not permit him to remain a refugee at the Court of Ber; lin ; secondly, to the part he took in the defence of his parent ; and, thirdly, to his refusal to save himself at the risk of the life of a young and unknown female.

Resemblance of the City to a Barrack. — Contrast between Russia and Spain. The Drowska. Pavements. VOL. I. a XXVI CONTENTS. '—The Tchinn. — Peculiar CharacterTyranny of the Russian Government. — The Arts Russia. — A Russian Hotel. — The Evils to be en— The Michael Palaces. — Death of Paul countered — The Spy — The Neva, Quays and Bridges. — Cabin of Peter — The and Dungeons. — Church of Alexander Newski. —Tombs Russian Veterans. — Austerity of the Czar. — Russian Faith in the Future, and — InteRealisation.

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