Evolution and Genetics of Life Histories (Proceedings in by Hugh Dingle, Joseph P. Hegmann

By Hugh Dingle, Joseph P. Hegmann

This quantity is the results of a symposium entitled "Variation in existence Histories: Genetics and Evolutionary approaches" backed via this system in Evolutionary Ecology and behaviour ofthe collage of Iowa and held in Iowa urban on October thirteen and 14, 1980. brought on through arecent upsurge of curiosity within the evolution of existence histories, we selected this subject a result of noticeable organization among existence historical past characteristics and Darwinian healthy ness. If such an organization have been to be fruitfully investigated, it's going to require the eloser cooperation of inhabitants and evolutionary ecologists and quantitative and inhabitants geneticists. To inspire such an organization, our symposium had 4 significant goals: first, to facilitate highbrow alternate throughout disciplines between an array of biologists learning existence histories; moment, to inspire exploration of genetic variance and covari ance for all times historical past qualities; 3rd, to think about the ecological history for genetic vari skill; and eventually, to facilitate a comparative evaluate either inside of and between species. evidently such large goals can't be met absolutely in one quantity, yet we expect we've got succeeded quite wen in offering a consultant and nourishing intel lectual banquet. We see this ebook as a stimulus to the coordination of destiny efforts in a huge and increasing region of inquiry. we've got divided the ebook into six sections.

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110,809-821 (1976). : Critical thermal maxima and upper lethal temperatures for the calanoid copepodsAcartia tonsa andA. clausi. Mar. BioI. 27, 219-223 (1974). Haldane, J. B. , Jayakar, S. : Polymorphism due to selection of varying direction. J. Genet. 58,237-242 (1963). Hedrick, P. , Ginevan, M. , Ewing, E. : Genetic polymorphism in heterogeneous environments. Ann. Rev. Ecoi. Syst. 7,1-32 (1976). Heinle, D. : Population dynamics of exploited cultures of calanoid copepods. Heigoi. Wiss. Meere. 20, 360-366 (1970).

Correlations between hot and cold tolerances in individuals were positive, as were correlations between brood means. 4. Brood X salinity interaction was not significant. Finally, rank correlations between preacclimation and postacclimation tolerances of broods were all positive and brood X acclimation interaction was Significant in only one of ten analyses. Seasonal Variability More direct evidence on seasonal adaptation is shown in Table 3-8. Whereas tolerance clearly varies seasonally, the variability between seasons is not genetic, because postacclimation regressions were lower and progeny regressions not significant.

An alternative measurement is by subtracting from a~ assuming and a Eg are small (Bradley 1978a). The third method of measuring physiological flexibility did not produce a useful estimate of a Es but did indicate the degree of adjustment by an individual in response to temperature change and was more useful in measuring potential for physiological adaptation. Individuals were assayed for temperature tolerance before and after exposure to a higher temperature and the differential was taken as a measure of flexibility (Bradley 1978b).

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