Firestar's Quest (Warriors Super Edition) by Erin Hunter

By Erin Hunter

Warriors great version: Firestar’s Quest is an epic stand-alone experience in Erin Hunter’s no 1 nationally bestselling Warriors sequence! Set simply after the occasions of Warriors #6: The Darkest Hour, this great version follows the ThunderClan chief Firestar on a quest to discover a long-forgotten truth.

It is a time of peace among the warrior Clans, and all 4 are thriving. Then Firestar, chief of ThunderClan, discovers a poor mystery: the warrior ancestors of StarClan have lied to him. Firestar needs to embark on a deadly trip to correct their wrong—and not anything will ever be a similar again.

Join the legion of lovers who've chanced on the epic adventures, fierce warrior cats, and exciting fable international of the mega-bestselling Warriors sequence. This stand-alone access is ideal for brand new readers and committed enthusiasts alike.

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Firestar knew how hard it had been for her to give up the future she had always dreamed of; he still blamed himself for not taking better care of her. “Cinderpelt, I have to talk to you,” he began. Before the medicine cat could reply, a wail sounded from behind Firestar. “Cinderpelt! ” the medicine cat muttered. Sorrelpaw, the smallest of the apprentices, lurched into the clearing on three legs, holding out her forepaw. ” The medicine cat bent her head to examine the paw. Firestar could see that a thorn was driven deep into the pad.

You’re busy too, so you haven’t come here just to gossip. ” Twitching her ears for Firestar to follow her, she made her way to the cleft in the rock and began to put away the remaining stems of borage. Firestar sat beside her, suddenly reluctant to tell any cat about the strange visions he had seen. “I’ve been having these dreams. . ” Cinderpelt shot him a swift glance; usually only medicine cats received dreams from StarClan, but she had learned long ago that their warrior ancestors came to Firestar too.

I’ve had strange dreams,” he began, describing for Ravenpaw the stretch of unfamiliar moorland and the shrill wailing of cats lost in the mist. “And that’s not all. I’ve started to see things when I’m awake, too. There’s one cat—a pale gray warrior—that I’ve seen three times now. Not just him . . a whole Clan of cats, shining like starlight. I saw them last night at the Gathering, but no other cat knew they were there. ” Ravenpaw’s green eyes were filled with concern.

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