Fruits of Righteousness by Jerry Savelle

By Jerry Savelle

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I did not know about my right-standing with God. However, the moment I discovered I had a Covenant with God, it became a quest for me to find out everything that Covenant provided for me. I learned that the New Covenant would work just as well for me as the Old Covenant worked for Abraham and his seed. The Bible says in Hebrews 8:6 that this New Covenant is a better Covenant, established upon better promises. Everything Jesus wrought in His earthly ministry was a direct result of standing on His Covenant with God.

If you follow God's instructions you will win. " As you awake to your right-standing with God then sin becomes a thing of the past. The greater the revelation of righteousness the less sin occurs in your life. " When you sin you miss the mark for God's best in your life. The major sin that most Christians partake of is not murder, adultery, or stealing, but, compromise. So many miss the mark because they refuse to stand strong on the Word. When pressure comes, they begin to look for an avenue to compromise.

What was it designed to do? To calm them, to quiet them, to relax them. When you establish your heart in righteousness, then quietness—that tranquility from within will spring forth and flood your being. It will cause your mind and heart to become relaxed, resting in the assurance that God and His Word will put you over. The third fruit of righteousness as mentioned in Isaiah 32:17 is assurance. " When assurance is at work in your spirit, you will know beyond a doubt that God will do what His Word says.

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