Germany and the Second World War: Volume V: Organization and by Bernhard R. Kroener, Rolf-Dieter Muller, Hans Umbreit, Ewald

By Bernhard R. Kroener, Rolf-Dieter Muller, Hans Umbreit, Ewald Osers, John Brownjohn, Patricia Crampton, Louise Willmott

Unheard of in scope and intensity, Germany and the second one international War is a magisterial ten-volume heritage sequence that would end up essential to historians of the 20th century. it will likely be the definitive background of the conflict from the German perspective. This e-book, the 1st a part of quantity five, examines the advancements in wartime management, financial system, and group of workers assets in Germany and its occupied territories from 1939-1941.

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Rs. Gr. Wes. W. v. H. GZ H HaPol. Haub. Dv. Hfl. Geb. Gr. Abt. Kdr. Kdo. Fü. Hptm. Vers. v. in Glossary) Grenzabschnittskommando: frontier sector HQ Gruppenleiter: Gruppe leader geheime Reichssache: top secret (political) Gruppe Rechtswesen: Legal Matters Group Granatwerfer: mortar garnisonverwendungsfähig Heimat: fit for home garrison duties Zentralabteilung (des Generalstabes des Heeres): central department in the Army General Staff Heeres(Nah)aufklärung: army short-range reconnaissance Handelspolitische Abteilung (des Auswärtigen Amtes): trade policy department in the ministry of foreign affairs Haubitze: howitzer Heeres(Nah)aufklärer: army short-range reconnaissance aircraft Heeresdruckvorschrift: army manual Holländischer Gulden: Dutch guilder(s) Heeresgebiet: army area Heeresgruppe: army group Hitlerjugend: Hitler Youth Heeres-Küsten-Artillerie-Abteilung: army coastal artillery battery Höherer Artillerie-Kommandeur: higher artillery commander Höheres Kommando: higher command Höherer Nachrichtenführer: higher signals commander Hauptmann: captain (army) Höherer SS- und Polizeiführer: senior SS and police leader Haupttreuhandstelle Ost: Central Trustee Agency East Heeresversorgung: army supply Abbreviations HVA HVBl.

Kp. KP KPD KPF Kr. KStN KTB KTB OKW k. u. v. Ver. KVAChef KVR KwK (t) KZ Kzg. , lei. Schtz. v. in Bibliography) kriegs- und lebenswichtige Betriebe: (industrial or commercial) enterprises vital to the war effort kriegsverwendungsfähig: fit for military service Kriegsverwaltung: war administration Kriegsverwaltungs-Abteilungschef: war administration departmental head Kriegsverwaltungsrat: war administration counsellor Kampfwagenkanone (tschechisch): tank gun (Czech) Konzentrationslager: concentration camp Kraftzug: tractor-drawn Abteilung Landesverteidigung (des Wehrmachtführungsamtes bzw.

Quite aside from the profound consequences of the two world wars on the scope and intensity of the state’s activity, on the structure of society, on the development and weight of economic potentials, and on social conditions, the First World War also marks an unmistakable turning-point in another respect. This is an as yet largely unexplored field of research for the history of ideas of the epoch. 6 Introduction Historians have been discussing the question of a change in the functions of the military in an industrialized war: the findings of the present volume, with its supporting sources, provide new stimuli in this area.

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