Ghost Hunters by William Lace

By William Lace

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When she investigated, no one was there. One day she heard the sound of a child crying. Her own son was playing happily in the back yard, so she traced the crying to her own bedroom. When she entered, the crying stopped. Eventually, she learned that 2 years earlier a previous tenant had beaten his 2-year-old daughter to death. The crime had occurred in the room from which the crying seemed to come. A house does not necessarily have to fit the classic picture—the spooky old mansion on a lonely hill—to be considered haunted.

One of Tracy’s pictures clearly showed what appeared to be faces, which were later identified by relatives of the dead sailors. Orbs are by far the most common images and the ones that also yield readily to natural explanations. Orbs are balls, globes, or shapeless globs of light that sometimes appear on photographs but were unseen by the photographer. Most have occurred when taken at night or in the dark with the use of flash photography. The light 40 Talking to the Dead F or more than a century the Ouija board has been one of the most popular methods of trying to communicate with the spirits of the dead.

Days or even weeks of painstaking research are often necessary before the actual hunt gets under way. Such preparation is a critical part of any investigation, but once the essential facts have been gathered, the time comes to stop studying and start hunting. Research for a ghost hunt—hoping to find ghosts at a site where no activity has been reported—can be different from research for a ghost investigation—trying to document ghosts at a site known for being haunted. If a ghost hunt is the objective, the research begins with seeking a place that might be haunted.

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