Ghost Hunters of the South by Alan Brown

By Alan Brown

Southerners are acquainted with listening to tales of a place of dwelling, an outdated inn, a mansion, or a battlefield being haunted. In Ghost Hunters of the South, Alan Brown exhibits that ghostlore isn't any longer sufficient for a few. The forty-four ghost looking teams he profiles during this e-book pack cameras, Geiger counters, thermal scanners, oscilloscopes, tape recorders, desktops, and dowsing rods to discover and checklist elusive evidence of supernatural task. With candor, the administrators and workforce contributors demonstrate the passions or even obsessions that cause them to this dear, time-consuming, and infrequently harmful and chilling pursuit of facts of the spirit realm.

Brown interviews fans from twelve states--Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Ghost Hunters of the South takes the reader alongside on intriguing and frightened investigations of locations reminiscent of the Myrtles, St. Francis lodge, Chickamauga Battlefield, Bob Mackey's track global, previous Talbott Tavern, North Carolina nation Capitol, Granberry Opera condo, and 17Hundred90 resort and eating place.

Brown participates in many of the investigations to achieve a whole and target knowing of lecturers, medical professionals, accountants, housewives, and legislation enforcement group of workers, who commit a lot in their unfastened time to a quest that many outsiders view with skepticism if no longer scorn. In attention-grabbing, scary, and occasionally funny bills, Brown highlights the decision of those contributors to reply to the query: "What occurs to the soul after death?"

Alan Brown is a professor of English and director of the Writing middle on the collage of West Alabama.

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A woman might stop me and tell me all kinds of stories if I’m wearing my T-shirts. ” Lynette says that she finds the places they investigate on the Internet. She begins by researching haunted locations on the Internet. Then she tries to find the telephone number of a contact 28 Ghost Hunters Inc. person: “I’ll call and get in contact with that person and let him know who I am and tell him a little bit about our group. I tell them what my intentions are and see if they are receptive to it and see if they have heard anything about that location being haunted, and most times, they get into a conversation with me, and they have experienced something, or they’ve heard a lot of things.

Several people reported the distinct smell of tobacco smoke. We set up a tape recorder, and we got male voices and female voices. We couldn’t make out all they were saying. K. ’” One of the group’s skeptics, the “tech guy,” smelled the pipe tobacco in the conference room. Another member who was in the room also smelled it. Vada did not smell the pipe tobacco. I. depends heavily on word of mouth for publicity, the local media has gained the members access into places that are usually off-limits to ghost hunters.

6 Birmingham Paranormal Society Donovan agrees with the Chicago paranormal investigator Dale Kazamarek that 90 percent of all orbs are completely natural. Therefore, he is inclined to dismiss most of the orbs that are posted on the Internet: “If somebody’s taking pictures and they get that on standard cameras or Polaroid, I’d be a little more inclined to consider it valid, but for the most part, when I think of orbs, I think of a glowing ball, not a spot on a photograph. ” Donovan is more interested in glowing spheres that appear in folklore, like a glowing ball that is said to have appeared outside of an antebellum home called Saltmarsh Hall in Cahaba, Alabama.

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