Ghostly Attachments (Haunted, Book 2) by Alexie Aaron

By Alexie Aaron

It isn’t the chair rocking on its own that sends the younger relatives fleeing in the midst of the evening. It’s whilst it stops rocking and all hell breaks free. This relatives wishes aid. input PEEPs (Paranormal Entity publicity companions) armed with the most recent hi-tech apparatus and the ghost conversation talents of Mia Cooper. yet this isn’t a standard case. a few of the ghosts aren’t enjoying reasonable. a few of them are armed. Mia’s realization is split among this situation and her pal Sabine, who has long past lacking in the course of an out of physique walkabout. Can she pull all of it jointly in time to avoid wasting Sabine from a narcissistic collector and support PEEPs to outlive the harmful forces that experience come to play through their ghostly attachments?

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