Gridlinked (Ian Cormac, Book 1) by Neal Asher

By Neal Asher

Gridlinked is a technological know-how fiction event within the vintage, fast paced, action-packed culture of Harry Harrison and Poul Anderson, with a splash of cyberpunk and a dash of Ian Fleming further to spice the combination.

Cormac is a mythical Earth imperative safety agent, the James Bond of a filthy rich destiny the place "runcibles" (matter transmitters managed by means of AIs) permit interstellar go back and forth in an eye fixed blink during the settled worlds of the Polity. regrettably Cormac is sort of burnt out, "gridlinked" to the AI internet see you later that his humanity has began to empty away. He has to take the cold-turkey remedy and shake his habit to having his mind at the net.

Now he needs to do with no simply as he is despatched to enquire the original runcible catastrophe that is burnt up the full human colony on planet Samarkand in a thirty-megaton explosion. With the runcible out, Cormac needs to get there through send, yet he has incurred the wrath of a vicious psychopath referred to as Arian Pelter, who now follows him around the galaxy with a terrifying psychotic killer android in tow. And deep underneath Samarkand's floor there are buried mysteries, fiercely guarded.

This is fast-moving, edge-of-the-seat leisure, and a good creation to the paintings of 1 of the main fascinating new SF skills in years.

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It did not go anywhere else. The old man leant forward. ' He said it very loudly. Other passengers turned to see what the commotion was. 'Yes,' said Cormac acidly. ' He felt ridiculous. 'Don't like the place myself. ' Cormac turned away from him. A finger like an iron bar prodded him in the ribs. ' Cormac snapped, 'AIs are efficient. ' The old man pointed down at Cormac's seat belt. Cormac fastened it across. You did not need belts in executive class; shockfields did that job. You did not have to put up with obnoxious old men either.

Three minutes and he was out over water as black as oil. He looked for a sign, and soon saw a huge swirl 100 metres from him; it was an egg-carrier, and a big one. Once above it, he opened the passenger door, undipped Angelina's belt, and shoved her out. The carrier turned on her. A toodiless mouth, as of a huge carp's, opened and closed with a foaming splash, then the dark otter dived, its wide sleek back like a glimpse of the turning of some immense tyre. Cormac shook his head. something was tense and clenched round his insides.

The ultra-fine fibres from the gene-spliced plant me machine harvested made a much sought-after kind of silk. It was Cheyne Ill's only large export and source of foreign wealdi. Of course, sources of wealm were the reason the Separatists had managed to recruit so well here. The seas of Cheyne III swarmed with dark otters. They were diriving despite centuries of human colonization of the land, as well as colonization of the sea by the adapted Earth lifeforms. Many colonists felt that mey occupied space that could be utilized for highly commercial industrialized sea farming.

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