Handbook of Aqueous Solubility Data by Samuel H. Yalkowsky

By Samuel H. Yalkowsky

Through the years researchers have pronounced solubility info within the chemical, pharmaceutical, engineering, and environmental literature for a number of thousand natural compounds. in the past, this data has been scattered through the literature. Containing over 16,000 solubility info issues for greater than 4,000 natural compounds, guide of Aqueous Solubility info presents an intensive compilation of released aqueous solubility information for a wide selection of natural nonelectrolytes and unionized vulnerable electrolytes. It contains information for prescribed drugs, pollution, food, herbicides, insecticides, agricultural, commercial, and effort similar compounds.

Each compound is pointed out via a sequential quantity besides molecular formulation, compound identify, synonyms, molecular weight, CAS Registry quantity, melting element, and boiling aspect if on hand. every one access has a five-point evaluate rating for the standard of the reporting of the information, besides the total quotation, and reviews from the authors while worthy. The straightforward structure supplies a transparent depiction of every piece of solubility info with adequate details to estimate its validity. instruction manual of Aqueous Solubility info supplies a transportable, obtainable source for solubility info of various compounds and a unmarried method for the overview of the information provided.

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438E+00 Temp Ref (°C) (#) ns R028 46. 7 Temp (°C) 20 20 20 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 30 37 ns Ref (#) M133 P041 P046 A094 B173 G056 M037 M342 M368 N034 N309 M311 P041 O006 Evaluation (T P E A A) 10002 10001 10000 10001 20222 10002 11001 10112 10001 10001 10001 11222 10001 00001 Comments sic Solutions 21 47. 930E+02 48. 506E+02 49. 322E-03 MP (°C): BP (°C): Ref (#) B185 B200 F018 K040 M163 N013 Evaluation (T P E A A) 10002 10002 10001 12122 00000 00001 Comments EFG -29 161 Temp (°C) 20 25 25 ns ns Ref (#) V009 G056 M037 H123 O006 Evaluation (T P E A A) 10001 10002 11001 00002 00001 Comments 22 50.

3 °C at bp of 94 °C at bp of 98 °C -97 Temp (°C) 0 0 0 20 20 20 25 25 30 30 30 30 35 50 Ref (#) F300 H101 V009 F300 H101 V009 G038 G053 F300 M300 M311 N034 V009 V009 Evaluation (T P E A A) 10001 20002 10002 10001 20002 10002 12222 22212 10001 11222 11222 10002 10002 10002 Comments 32 Handbook of Aqueous Solubility Data 76. 371E+00 77. 200E+00 78. 5 80 Ref (#) M043 H037 M043 F300 M043 F300 H037 M043 H037 M043 H037 M043 H037 F300 H037 M043 Evaluation (T P E A A) 10001 12212 10001 10001 10001 10001 12212 10001 12212 10001 12212 10001 12212 10002 12212 10001 Comments Solutions 33 79.

380E+02 Temp Ref (°C) (#) 25 F300 Solutions 47 119. 127E+02 120. 250E+00 121. 000E-01 Temp Ref (°C) (#) 15 F300 48 Handbook of Aqueous Solubility Data 122. 593E+00 Temp (°C) 2 20 20 25 Ref (#) B193 F300 F300 B384 Evaluation (T P E A A) 12001 10000 10000 10222 Temp Ref (°C) (#) 25 B384 Evaluation (T P E A A) 10222 Comments 123. 399E-01 124. 2 Temp (°C) 21 25 38 54 71 88 Ref (#) I011 M001 I011 I011 I011 I011 Evaluation (T P E A A) 12212 21222 12211 12211 12211 12211 Comments Solutions 49 125. 747E-01 126.

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