HARRIS MW-50C3 Medium-WAVE AM Broadcast Transmiter

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Conjugated Polymers: Processing and Applications (Handbook of Conducting Polymers)

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M. After determining which unit (fan or blower) correct the rotation problems as follows: has reverse 1. Depress FILAMENT OFF pushbutton 2. Set the 30-ampere circuit 3. DISABLE STATION PRIMARY POWERTO THE TRANSMTTTER. rotation, switch. breakers to the OFF position. DISCONNECT AND LOCK OUT STATION PRIMARY POWERTO THE TRANSMITTER. USE A GROUNDING STICK TO DISSIPATE ANY POTENTIAL FROM ALL COMPONENTS BEFORETOUCHING THEM. n. 4. If the fan in Cabinet 2 has reversed rotation, interchange two wires on fan terminal block 2TB3.

Check relay and solenoid armature operation they all have free, unobstructed movement. e. All wires f. All air g. Use a vacuum transmitter. h. Replace the transmitter doors after all inspection and all The doors have spring-held slip work has been completed. each hinge to make installation a quick operation. i. BE SURE ALL THE TAPE TH&J WY HAVE BEEN INSTALLED FOR SHIPMENT AS ANTI-CHAFFING STRIPS BETWEENALUMINUM PANELS HAS BEEN REMOVED. hardware or wire lying Power Supply and tighten and fan manually and cabling ducts at this a.

Fins, pin while tightening the the socket about l/4-inch. to pick fit in up the wing nut. check the the the center slot tube and gently tube slides down the socket while atas viewed from the loosened, the center The tube tube. It will should move be ENSURE AIR HOSE IS CONNECTEDTO THE CENTER PIN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE TUBE SOCKET. THE TUBE CAN BE DESTROYED BY HEAT IF THE AIR HOSE IS NOT CONNECTED. 888-2213-001 WARNING: Disconnect primary power 2-29 prior to servicing. j. Connect air hose to center pin at the bottom of the tube socket.

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