Hayek: A Collaborative Biography: Part III, Fraud, Fascism by R. Leeson

By R. Leeson

F.A. Hayek (1899-1992), the co-leader of the Austrian unfastened industry college, embraced the transparently fraudulent statement made by way of Donald McCormick, aka Richard Deacon, within the British Connection which accused A.C. Pigou, the co-leader of the Cambridge marketplace failure university, of being a Soviet undercover agent.

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Most try to see Lloyd-George as an Englishman and so fail to understand him. ‘Deacon’ McCormick suggested that the Celts had a different understanding of ‘truth’ and lies: he referred to ‘Lloyd George’s Celtic propensity for convincing himself that the opposite to the truth was in fact the truth’ (1959, 96). The Labour Minister responsible for establishing the National Health Service, Aneurin Bevan, ‘was saved from complete failure by his native Welsh cunning and his fondness for power’ (1970b, 28).

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Critics have (perhaps unfairly) detected in Austrian theocrats a determination to turn the United States of America into Saudi Arabia (Christianized, with the House of Rushdoony as the House of Saud). But the Austrians’ form of liberty is certainly a magnet for both homosexuals Introduction 19 (seeking to escape legal and social persecution) and homophobes (who seek to publicly stone them to death). Fourth, Hayek and his agenda remain contemporary36 issues. A. com’s bestseller list this summer.

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