Herb Schildt's Java Programming Cookbook by Herbert Schildt

By Herbert Schildt

Your final "How-To" consultant to Java Programming!

Legendary programming writer Herb Schildt stocks a few of his favourite programming concepts during this high-powered Java "cookbook." geared up for speedy reference, every one recipe exhibits the right way to accomplish a pragmatic programming job. A recipe starts with a listing of key materials (the periods, tools, and interfaces) by way of step by step directions that exhibit the right way to gather them right into a whole resolution. specified discussions clarify the how and why at the back of each one step, and an entire code instance places the recipe into motion. each one recipe ends with a listing of thoughts and possible choices that recommend how one can adapt the strategy to healthy quite a few events. even if you are a newbie or an skilled seasoned, you will find recipes which are guaranteed to fulfill your Java programming appetite!

Topics include:

  • String Handling
  • Regular Expressions
  • File Handling
  • Applets
  • Servlets
  • Swing
  • The Collections Framework
  • Multithreading
  • Formatting Data

Learn how to:

  • Find substrings that fit a typical expression
  • Use general expressions to tokenize a string
  • Compress and decompress info files
  • Create a zipper file
  • Format time and date
  • Use printf( ) to demonstrate formatted data
  • Reverse, rotate, and shuffle a list
  • Use a Comparator with a collection
  • Create an easy Swing application
  • Create a Swing-based applet
  • Create an easy servlet
  • Use a cookie with a servlet
  • Synchronize threads
  • Monitor a thread's state
  • Set and procure a thread's priority
  • Use JScrollPane to automate scrolling
  • Access a source utilizing HttpURLConnection
  • Schedule a role for destiny execution
  • Use mirrored image to dynamically create an item and speak to methods
  • Much, a lot more

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Also, the identifier port23 contains both letters and digits, so it’s not valid to specify digits as a delimiter. Furthermore, the operators =, <=, and / must be returned as tokens, meaning that they cannot be used as delimiters. In general, what separates one token from another is based on the syntax and semantics of the program, not on a fixed format. When faced with this type of tokenization, the second approach to tokenizing must be used. 35 36 He rb Sc h i ldt ’s Java P rog ra m m i n g Cookbook Instead of tokenizing based on delimiters, the second approach extracts each token based on the pattern that it matches.

Next, set the strength level of the collator so that only primary differences between characters are used. PRIMARY as an argument. Using this approach, IgnoreCaseComp can be rewritten as shown here: // This Comparator uses a Collator to determine the // proper, case-insensitive lexicographical ordering // of two strings. class IgnoreCaseComp implements Comparator { Collator col; IgnoreCaseComp() { // Get a Collator for this locale. getInstance(); // Have it consider only primary differences.

String strs[] = { "dog", "horse", "zebra", "cow", "cat" }; // Show the initial order. println("\n"); // Sort the array in reverse order. // Begin by creating a reverse string comparator. RevStrComp rsc = new RevStrComp(); Chapter 2: Wo r k i n g w i t h S t r i n g s a n d R e g u l a r E x p re s s i o n s // Now, sort the strings using the reverse comparator. sort(strs, rsc); // Show the reverse sorted order. println("\n"); // For comparison, sort the strings in natural order. sort(strs); // Show the natural sorted order.

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