Homo Interrogans: Questioning and the Intentional Structure by John Bruin

By John Bruin

Emerging from the Brentano-Husserl culture, this quantity charts new floor within the conceptual discourse of wondering and answering. John Bruin examines the "logic" of interrogation and makes the case that intentionality itself has the constitution of query and solution. the following, he breaks rank with the higher identified and extra conventional and units out to discover wondering from a phenomenological perspective.

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That's the easy part. Obviously, they are different. ) Next, in the attempt to do justice to our intuition that the two acts 41 HOMO INTERROGANS are closely related, I shall determine what is the structural similarity that holds between these two admittedly different acts. And then, having identified their similarity—both acts are "multidirectional"—I shall try to determine what it is that differentiates these two obviously different, but obviously related, acts. In so doing, I shall have arrived at a definition.

Among them, in the Husserl Archives in Louvain, are the manuscripts on "Frage- und Wunschverhalt" (as noted by Smith 1988, 148 n. 18). 1 Some of these interpretations have been put forward as definitions of a questioning act, and still others have been intended as only partial descriptions of it. But in any case, no one of these accounts quite hits the mark. The aim of the present chapter is twofold. The first aim is to show how this or that account goes wrong, and show how to improve upon it. (Some say a Q is a request.

Now, there are 25 HOMO INTERROGANS mathematical ways of talking about information, which evidently prove useful in communications engineering. (To get an idea of what I mean, just glance over Claude Shannon [1951], "Prediction and Entropy of Printed English," Bell System Technical Journal; also John R. Pierce [1961], Symbols, Signals and Noise, chap. 3. Both works are cited in Fred Dretske [1981], Knowledge and the Flow of Information, 242 n. " The sense with which we invest the term "information" is, by contrast, phenomenological.

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