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One often looks to their neighbor who may have excess capacity in the particular resource. One of the first considerations is the hardware available and how it is connected via a LAN or WAN. Next, an organization may want to add additional hardware to augment the capabilities of the grid. It is important to understand the Chapter 1. Grid computing 21 applications to be used on the grid. Their characteristics can affect the decisions of how to best choose and configure the hardware and its data connectivity.

Communications A grid system may include software to help jobs communicate with each other. For example, an application may split itself into a large number of subjobs. Each of these subjobs is a separate job in the grid. However, the application may implement an algorithm that requires that the subjobs communicate some information among them. The subjobs need to be able to locate other specific subjobs, establish a communications connection with them, and send the appropriate data. The open standard Message Passing Interface (MPI) and any of several variations is often included as part of the grid system for just this kind of communication.

The beauty of all of this is that nobody had to securely carry an encryption key from the sender to the receiver, as must be done for conventional encryption systems, and any tampering with the communication is revealed. A similar exchange is used to get anyone’s public key from the Certificate Authority, so that the user knows that he has received an unaltered public key for the desired user. 5 Resource management Another responsibility of the administrator is to manage the resources of the grid.

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