Income Inequality and IQ by Charles A. Murray

By Charles A. Murray

This paintings examines the connection among monetary inequality and Intelligence Quotient (IQ), to determine how a lot of saw source of revenue inequality is as a result of ameliorations in incomes services which are heavily linked to adjustments in cognitive skill.

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32 + INCOME INEQUALITY AND IQ The NLSY's Fortunate Children I presented the data from the sibling sample as if it sim­ ply provided a cleaner way of controlling for family back­ ground. In reality, it did much more. To ensure that both children had at least the same shared family environ­ ment, it was appropriate that I limit the pairs to full bio­ logical siblings who lived in the same household for at least the first seven years of the younger sibling's life. But in applying that condition, the sample selection proce­ dure had the effect of disqualifying all children who were born to single mothers or whose parents divorced early.

Duncan, P. K. Hatt, and C. C . North, Occupations and Social Status (Glencoe, Illinois: The Free Press, 196 1 ) . 6. Herrnstein and I did not t ry t o adjudicate this issue in The Bell Curve, but we generally agreed with those who see measures of parental SES as being confounded with parental IQ. We assumed that our estimates of the independent effect 45 46 • NOTES TO PAGES 14-3 1 of IQ were conservative. See The Bell Curve, pp. 123-24 and 286-87. 7. More precisely, they believed themselves to be the chil­ dren of the same biological parents.

Ledeen John M . Olin Research Fellow Freedom Scholar Arthur F. Bums Scholar i n Economics John H . Makin Resident Scholar; Director, Fiscal Policy Studies Allan H . Meltzer Visi ting Scholar Joshua Muravchik Resident Scholar Charles Murray Bradley Fellow Michael Novak George F. Jewett Scholar in Religion , Philosophy, and Public Policy: Director, Social and Political Studies Norman J. Ornstein Resident Scholar Richard N. Perie Resident Fellow William Schneider Resi dent Scholar William Shew Visiting Scholar J .

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