Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates by Martin Caidin

By Martin Caidin

In London, Indiana Jones is named to an emergency assembly. Mysterious sky craft were ravaging the transport lanes, making off with a fortune in diamonds, bonds, and uncooked fabrics. not able to become aware of how the craft are powered, specialists have get a hold of a daunting hypothesis—involving using psychokinetic levitation.

To get to the reality, Indy needs to seek via a labyrinth of archaeological details achieving again 4 thousand years. yet as he and his workforce stream from Africa to Tibet to the yankee Southwest, they observe whatever much more unbelievable. A clandestine association is quick turning into an evil, world-dominating power—and the one solution to cease it's in a high-tech, no-holds-barred conflict on land . . . and within the air!

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Henshaw gathered them together at precisely eleven-thirty. They had time for a quick coffee and a sandwich each, then Henshaw, clearly on edge and watching the clock, prompted them to board one of the many similar buses on the field. It was half filled with enlisted men in the ubiquitous work coveralls, and they blended in per-fectly with the larger group. 45 Colt Auto-matic strapped to his waist. No one spoke to them and they kept their own silence. They watched with growing interest as the bus went through a guarded gate into an area marked with signs: danger!

We've devel-oped a new caliber thirty piece, sir. It has a hypervelocity round, about twice the muzzle velocity of anything that's ever been put in an airplane. That about triples its effec-tive range. It's lightweight, and it'll take any kind of round. Incendiary, steel-jacketed for armor piercing. There's also a special round we've developed with an ex-plosive charge within the round. " He drew him-self up straight. "Sir," he finished. Indy was a bit out of water here. But he had three men, two of them pilots, who were experts with machine guns.

Tarkiz beamed. "Take it," he told Indy. " "Wish I'd had something like that when I was mixing it up with Jerry," was Cromwell's answer. " Indy looked to Gale. " she exclaimed. "I'm strictly bow and arrow, remember? Or a crossbow. The professionals say go with it. " Indy laughed, and pushed together the charts and schematics and the lists they had compiled. "Gentlemen, that does it. " "Yes, sir. " Sergeant Korwalski hesitated before speaking again, but he couldn't hold back the question that had been growing in his mind.

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