Intersubjectivity and the Double: Troubled Matters by Brian Seitz

By Brian Seitz

 This ebook extends philosophy’s engagement with the double past hierarchized binary oppositions. Brian Seitz explores the double as an important ontological situation or determine that will get represented, enacted, and played time and again and in a myriad of configurations. Seitz means that the double in all of its types is at the same time philosophy’s shadow, its nemesis, and the of its threat.  This publication expands definitions and investigations of the double past the confines of philosophy, suggesting that the idea that is at paintings in lots of different fields together with politics, cultural narratives, literature, mythology, and psychology. Seitz ways the double via a sequence of case reports and via enticing loosely in eidetic version, a methodological maneuver borrowed from phenomenology. The booklet explores the ways that wide-ranging cases of the double are attached by means of the dynamics of intersubjectivity. 

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11. 20 B. SEITZ 8. The classic, mainstream American work is Hannah Fenichel Pitkin’s, The Concept of Representation (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1967). R. Ankersmit’s, Political Representation (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2002), and by philosophers such as Jacques Rancière. 9. While we know that it is impossible to suspend the natural attitude, we know, too, that it is possible for philosophy to disengage from standardissue forms of judgment or, put more simply, to engage in a sort of eidetic variation.

But Plato’s attention to the double is not confined to his forms or his theories about the world of difference between appearance and reality, but instead, one might surmise, it is what either drives his thought or is what his thought appears to drive toward. Part of the brilliance of Plato is the way he maintains a marked distance or harbors a certain reservoir of ambivalence or reluctance to take a stance, which, covered by his rhetorical virtuosity, or by the virtuosity of his double, Socrates, is not always that conspicuous.

Finally, the subtitle of Being and Nothingness is An Essay on Phenomenological Ontology, and it seems very peculiar that a PHILOSOPHY’S USE AND ABUSE OF THE DOUBLE: PLATO AND KANT 29 Heideggerian-inspired ontologist should remain relatively unconcerned about questions of metaphysics or could believe that one could simply sidestep these concerns under the banner of dubious distinctions between philosophical disciplines. In a nutshell, this steadfast reluctance to acknowledge the way that his attempt to harness the double has turned him metaphysical is emblematic of Sartre’s undoing: While posing as a philosopher’s philosopher—while himself having inhabited a certain post-dialectical double, Sartre managed to build a massive trap for himself and then pretend that he wasn’t stuck in it.

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