Introduction to the Theory of the Raman Effect by J.A. Koningstein

By J.A. Koningstein

TO the idea OF THE RAMAN impression by way of J. A. KONINGSTEIN Carleton collage, Ottawa, Canada D. REIDEL PUBLISHING corporation DORDRECHT-HOLLAND Library of Congress Catalog Card quantity 72-77876 ISBN-13: 978-90-277-0276-0 e-ISBN-13: 978-94-010-2901-8 001: 10. 1007/978-94-010-2901-8 All Rights Reserved Copyright © 1972 through D. Reidel Publishing corporation, Dordrecht, Holland Softcover reprint of the hardcover I st version 1972 No a part of this booklet will be reproduced in any shape, through print, photoprint, microfilm, or the other ability, with out written permission from the writer to M. G. creation This ebook is written quite for chemists. Being one myself, i've got on a number of events attempted to discover a publication the place the idea of molecular Raman spectroscopy is handled, and never having the ability to locate one that satisfactorily replied the questions i wished to work out responded, i made a decision to attempt to jot down a booklet on it myself. again within the center fifties i used to be proven a Raman spectrum for the 1st time: a few faint traces on a photographic plate. within the fall of 1971, in the course of a trip to Moscow, I vividly remembered that spectrum whilst the son of Mandel'shtam confirmed me the 1st spectrum taken in Russia via his father and Landsberg in 1928. The spectrum of quartz photographed in the course of January and February of that 12 months confirmed the presence of a few faint new strains and in later exposures those strains turned more suitable and enhanced.

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This tensor lies at the heart of Rayleigh and Raman scattering, and it appears that a knowledge of the properties of tensors is of importance in describing the properties of the scattered light. The scattering tensor is not unique. In engineering and physics occur other tensors like the stress or strain tensor, the moment of the inertia tensor, and in atomic physics, the g tensor. The former arises in connection with the study of the application of an external force to a body. The displacement of this body - under influence of the forcedoes not need to be parallel to the direction of the applied force, and this effect is traced back to resistive forces which are anisotropic.

Physik, 9, 338. Kramers, H. A. : 1925, Z. Phys. 31, 681. Landsberg, G. : 1928, Naturwiss. 16, 557. : 1871,Poggendorffs Ann. 143, 26. : 1930, Z. Physik 62, 224. : 1931, Z. Physik 70,84. : 1931, Leibziger Vortrage, 71. ), vol. VI, part II, pp. 209-374. Placzek, G. : 1933, Z. Physik 83, 209. Raman, C. : 1928, Indian J. Phys. 2, 387. Raman, C. V. and Krishnan, R. : 1928, Nature 121, 501. : 1931, Leibziger Vortrage,59. : 1926, Ann. Physik 81, 109. : 1923, Naturwiss. 11, 873. Van Vleck, J. : 1929,Proc.

11,1-17) The inverse of reciprocal of the matrix A is denoted by A -1 and defined in the following way: (II,1-17a) However not all matrices have the property so that Equation (II, 1-17a) is satisfied. An important property of square matrices, which follows directly from laws governing the addition and subtraction of such matrices, is the following: Any square matrix may be given as the sum of a symmetrical (A) and antisymmetrical (A") matrix. Thus if (II,I-18a) 36 then INTRODUCTION TO THE THEORY OF THE RAMAN EFFECT A + Aa A - Aa A=--+ 2 (1I,I-ISb) 2 The elements of the matrices are: (II,I-lSc) and (II,I-ISd) A a is the transpose AT of the matrix A and is defined by having the elements of A by interchanging all rows with corresponding columns.

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