Java 2: Web Developer Certification Study Guide: Exam by Natalie Levi

By Natalie Levi

Here is the ebook you must organize for examination 310-080, sunlight qualified internet part Developer for J2EE Platform.

This research advisor provides:

  • In-depth assurance of each examination objective
  • Practical info on programming servlets, constructing JSP pages, and utilizing customized tags
  • Hundreds of demanding assessment questions, within the e-book and at the CD
  • Leading-edge examination education software program, together with a trying out engine

Authoritative insurance of all examination goals, including:

  • The constitution and deployment of contemporary servlet net applications
  • The servlet box model
  • Designing and constructing servlets to deal with server-side exceptions
  • Designing and constructing servlets utilizing consultation management
  • Designing and constructing safe internet applications
  • Designing and constructing thread-safe servlets
  • The JavaServer Pages (JSP) know-how model
  • Designing and constructing reusable net components
  • Designing and constructing JSP pages utilizing JavaBean elements and customized tags
  • Designing and constructing a customized tag library
  • Design patterns

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and different supplementary fabrics usually are not integrated as a part of booklet file.

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The publication covers constructing net purposes with Ruby on Rails. applied sciences mentioned contain Ajax, listing companies, and internet companies. A comparability is made with personal home page, the main known scripting language for constructing internet functions.

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Which of the following methods is invoked when an HTTP PUT request is made? A. doGet(…) B. doPost(…) C. doPut(…) D. doAll(…) 44. Which of the following objects would you use to set an attribute if your goal is to have that value shared among all application servlets for the life of the application? A. HttpSession B. ServletContext C. ServletConfig D. GenericServlet 45. Which listener is notified when a context is destroyed? A. ServletContextListener B. ContextListener C. ServletContextAttributeListener D.

Html B. gif C. jsp D. au 31. In which directory are JAR files placed? A. Directly in the application’s context directory B. Directly within the /WEB-INF directory C. Directly within the /WEB-INF/classes directory D. com Assessment Test xli 32. xml file? A. The context directory B. The /WEB-INF directory C. The /WEB-INF/classes directory D. The /WEB-INF/lib directory 33. Which option best describes how to define a servlet’s name and class type within the deployment descriptor? A. Search SearchServlet B.

_jspService() D. service() 64. Assuming a JavaBean instance accountData, the JSP line will do what? A. Set all the fields of accountData that have a corresponding HttpServletRequest property B. Instantiate another identical instance of accountData C. Call the constructor of the accountData bean D. Allow any property on accountData to be accessed via a corre- sponding “get” method 65. Identify the deployment descriptor tags used to define a filter: A.

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