Java Deployment with JNLP and WebStart by Mauro Marinilli

By Mauro Marinilli

Java Deployment takes a really functional method of the subject of deploying Java functions. First, the booklet offers the main deployment matters a Java developer faces and addresses the most typical deployment situations. subsequent, the e-book addresses deployment matters the developer faces whereas coding a venture. eventually, the booklet provides the JNLP expertise and indicates find out how to use JNLP in program deployment.

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The Deployment Policies, designed by the marketing staff or somebody else in the Software Owner organization. The first two items together are known as Annotated Resources. The easiest and standard way to annotate a Java resource when under the form of a JAR file is to put some meta-information in the META-INF standard directory of the JAR file itself. We will think of resources as being annotated; that is, self-described (here, we are interested in describing the deployment matters only). There could be a variety of different techniques to describe resources, such as Java property files, DB entries, or XML files.

Here again, a new era is beginning. In the future, we will assist in the creation of a whole new generation of such services, taking advantage of the Internet and of the ubiquity of computing devices, possibly running Java code, naturally. A Formal Definition of Software Deployment Finally, we are ready to propose a definition of software deployment closer to the new scenarios prompted by the Internet. We will see the practical consequences of these concepts in the next chapter. A definition of software deployment is a technical facility consisting of the establishment and maintenance of a deployment circuit between a business service provider and a business service client.

The Distributor takes care of correctly dispensing the right pieces to the right clients in order to build a properly running application. In order to do so, it needs the pieces themselves (JAR and other files) properly described, as well as the required Deployment Policies (the instructions to who and Java Deployment CHAPTER 2 27 how to dispense the application). In order to do so, the Distributor employs one or more Deployment Servers (DS), in which resources are stored ready to be requested by/pushed to end-users.

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