Java for RPG Programmers by George Farr, Phil Coulthard

By George Farr, Phil Coulthard

E-book through Farr, George, Coulthard, Phil

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NOTE: You might want to use iterators to expose collections through APIs. The advantage of exposing the data through an iterator is that the calling code does not have to know or care about how the data is stored. With this implementation, you could change the collection type without having to change the API. The first parameter is a key value, and the second parameter is the object you want to store in the map. The HashMap class is one of the most commonly used Java classes. In a HashMap, the objects put into a map should all be of the same class type.

Org/regexp. You might want to refer back to this table as you read the phrases in this chapter. 1 Regular Expressions Table—Commonly Used Special Characters Special Character Description ^ $ Beginning of the string. End of the string.

Regular expressions are extremely useful in parsing strings, and will often save a programmer a lot of time and effort in performing a task in comparison to a solution that does not make use of regular expressions. Prior to being added to Java, regular expressions had been used for years by UNIX programmers. Standard UNIX tools such as Sed and Awk make use of regular expressions. The addition of regular expressions to the JDK is a powerful addition to core Java capability. With this knowledge you will be able to identify areas where you can add regular expression processing to your applications.

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