Java in the 14th Century: A Study in Cultural History: The by Theodore G.Th. Pigeaud

By Theodore G.Th. Pigeaud

Professor Krom's Nagara-Kert:a.gam.a edilllion of 1919 contained a number of lists and indexes to teach the way in which during the maze of strange names of individuals and locations pointed out within the textual content. In con­ cordance with the broadened scope of the current booklet the outdated lists were pointed out thus far and a few new ones were further. It i•s was hoping that they're going to turn out to be of a few use to readers who, even though no longer being professional in rebus Jooanicis, nonetheless could take recognition of heritage and improvement of tradition in a single of the main attention-grabbing islands of ·the Indian Archipelago. The alphalbetical index of topics handled in volumes II and IV of the current booklet is particularly recom­ mended to their awareness. The Javanese thesaurus is to and basic index which aJn addition the current ebook now not present in earlier edition:s, covers within the first position aU Nagara-Kertagama phrases and names wha:tsoever, and extra many phrases and n:ames of different texts. together with the English a!lphalbetical index of topics the Javanese word list is for use as a basic index of contents of volwnes I-V and, as much as a definite aspect, in its place for the encyclopaedia of items Javanese that's missing.

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Read or Download Java in the 14th Century: A Study in Cultural History: The Nāgara-Kěrtāgama by Rakawi Prapañca of Majapahit, 1365 A. D.. Glossary, General Index (Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, en Volkenkunde) PDF

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Additional resources for Java in the 14th Century: A Study in Cultural History: The Nāgara-Kěrtāgama by Rakawi Prapañca of Majapahit, 1365 A. D.. Glossary, General Index (Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, en Volkenkunde)

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II, III; recap. chpt. 3, 4; v. glossary sub ¢e1Jljeng mediator, in sacral plays: comm. Nag. 6~1 metals, from China, Further India: comm. Ell. II (tiban); recap. chpt. 3 (trade); recap. chpt. 4 (scarcity) metayage: comm. Ell. II, III; recap. chpt. 3, introd. metres, Javanese poetry: comm. Nag. 17-5; 40-3; comm. Ferry plate 5 (pangkur); v. : recap. chpt. 10; list in vol. V; v. glossary sub floka middle class, religious: comm. Nag. 7~; comm. ; comm. Ferry plate 9; recap. chpt. 3; v. boroughs ministeriales, Royal stewards-bondmen: comm.

Chpt. 2 A - - tree of the centre, Bhar-ada : comm. 68--1 - - trees, two, in pageatlltry: ~omm. Nag. 66-2 - - mentors, two: comm. Nag. 91-8; v. dualism N names, Javanese personal: comm. Nag. 63-3; 97, 98; comm. Jaya 2 vso; comm. Rnk. introd. - - of Princes : recap. chpt. 9 - - heraldic: comm. Nag. 28--1; 46-2; comm. Rkp. 8/9 --exalted: notes Nag. 10--1-2 - - doctor's; Honourable's: comm. Ferry plate 3; v. glossary sub p'U$paptita and padasthan native Javanese religious belief: comm. Nag. 38--1; 76-1/2; 78--1; 78--5; recap.

2 A fees, customary: comm. Sdh. plate 3 rto; 4 vso; comm. Ferry plate 10; oomm. Rnk. group V female service, female arts and crafts: comm. Naw. 9aj14b ferries, ferrymen: comm. Ferry; recap. ohpt. 3 fertility rites: comm. Nag. 69-3; 91-2 fetishism, cult of heirlooms, copperplart:es: comm. Nag. 73-1; comm. Sdh. plate 5; comm. Ferry plate 1, 3; comm. Rnk. group V; recap. chpt. 2 A, chpt. ; v. glossary sub pusaka fights, free, sports: comm. Wig. 87-2; recap. chpt. 6; v. illustration no. XI in vol. IV fire-drill: Nag.

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