JMX: Managing J2EE with Java Management Extensions (Java by Marc Fleury, Visit Amazon's Juha Lindfors Page, search

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JMX starts off by means of proposing the JMX specification and its structure. The e-book quick strikes during the specification, delivering examples of JMX integration with J2EE purposes. the ultimate element of the ebook offers JMX administration and management practices for a number of J2EE structures and scenarios.

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All of these standard agent services are implemen ted as MBeans themselves. This allows parts of the agent level to become manageable as well. The M -Let service allows MBeans to be loaded from the network and included to the agent dynamically at runtime. The Timer service can be used as a scheduler that sends notifications to MBeans or management applications at a given date and time or at intervals. The Monitoring service includes MBean s that can act as observers of other MBeans' management attributes and send notifications on attribute changes.

You will define five attributes for the management interface of the user object. First, the user has a read -only attribute ID. The ID represents a unique identifier for this particular user, such as a primary key in the database. You will also define read-write attributes Name and Address. These two string attributes can be used to store the user's name and address. -42- Bought to you by Team-FLY® JMX: Managing J2EE with Java™ Management Extensions Chapter 3 public long getID(); public String getName(); public void setName(String name); public String getAddress(); public void setAddress(String address); To demonstrate the use of arrays, define an array-based attribute PhoneNumbers.

The NotificationFilter interface is passed to the broadcaster MBean as an argument when the listener is registered. The interface contains one method, isNotificationEnabled(), which must always be invoked by the broadcaster MBean before the management event is sent. This allows the object registering as a listener to select which notifications to receive of all the possible notifications the MBean is emitting. Note Notifications are part of the MBeans' management interface. The registering of the listener to the broadcaster MBean is done through the agent layer.

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