Judgment and Sachverhalt: An Introduction to Adolf Reinach’s by J.M. Dubois

By J.M. Dubois

Adolf Reinach used to be one of many best figures of the Munich and Göttingen circles of phenomenology, and Husserl's first actual co-worker. even if his writings are hugely unique and remarkably transparent, Reinach's tragic demise within the First international conflict avoided him from formulating a definitive assertion of his phenomenology, leaving his identify almost unknown to all yet a small circle.
In his ground-breaking learn, Judgment and Sachverhalt, DuBois exhibits how Reinach succeeds in constructing a realist ontology and epistemology in response to rigorous argumentation and phenomenological elucidation. Drawing from a number of texts and the advancements of Reinach's scholars and associates - Roman Ingarden, Alexander Pfänder and Dietrich von Hildebrand especially - DuBois provides, refines and defends Reinach's `phenomenological realism'. Confrontations of Reinach's theories of states of affairs, suggestions and speech acts with the paintings of latest authors like Chisholm and Searle permit readers to guage Reinach's philosophy, not just within the mild of the later advancements of Husserl, but in addition within the gentle of sure Anglo-American advancements.

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Reinach characterizes Erkennen as "an act of accepting or receiving ... 33 Perception and intuition are the means through which objects are given to our minds, and these acts, like apprehension, involve an accepting or receiving something. , the active form of gaining knowledge of states of affairs, yields Wissen, one would say that the end product of intuition and perception is Kennen. 34 Unfortunately the English language does not capture the distinction between these two static forms of knowledge.

It seems more difficult to recognize when new evidence stands in conflict with long held and enduring beliefs. Thus, we cannot agree with Reinach's claim that these two steps occur simultaneously. 43 The second state of affairs which actually obtains, and which is apprehended, is said by Reinach to "have an evidential character: in this apprehension the state of affairs is evident to us" (1982, p. 352). " NEGATION AND CORRESPONDENCE 51 conviction or disbelief arises within in the judging subject.

40 JUDGMENTS AND STATES OF AFFAIRS I might know a person or a place very well or very little -- whereas Wissen is simply present or not present. Because Wissen is knowledge of states of affairs, it is the sort of knowledge which can be expressed in the form of judgments; while Kennen cannot be expressed in this fashion. However, it would seem that the intuition or perception which gives rise to the static form of knowing called Kennen, may serve as the basis for an unending series of apprehensions resulting in a detailed Wissen.

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