Lived Time: Phenomenological and Psychopathological Studies by Eugène Minkowski, Nancy Metzel

By Eugène Minkowski, Nancy Metzel

Publication by means of Eugène Minkowski

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Pattern­ ing itself after being, thought is revealed as incapable of treating becoming. Becoming is inaccessible to knowledge not because it remains behind knowledge but because it is present, completely given, posing no problem about its nature which could be the concern of discursive thought. We find confirmation of what we have just said concerning the irrational character of becoming in the fact that logic comes to demonstrate with remarkable ease that time is contradictory in itself. Here is one of the schemata-the past is past, it is no more, the future is not yet, the present is thus found between two nothings.

Now, It appears that this is the price we must pay if we ru:e to free ourselves from the slavery to which modern cultm_e_subjects us through the idea of time that it imposes upon _ �s. It IS not a question of having free time but of learning how to live and to breathe freely and spontaneously in time. The prob­ lem o time, in spite of its abstract character, thus becomes a very VItal and personal problem for each one of us. For me, this problem has been the central point of my scien­ tific preoccupation for many years.

We will attempt to relate these attributes to becom­ ing. We will then realize that the latter does not simply exclude these attributes arbitrarily but that we find ourselves here in the presence of the phenomenon of the duration of that which flows, or, if you prefer, of the flux of that which endures, and of succession. All that is one in relation to becoming endures in flowing or flows while enduring; everything that is two in relation to time has succession. Inversely, all that endures in flowing appears as one in relation to time, just as all that is in succession appears as two or many.

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