Lossless Generalized-LSB Data Embedding by Mehmet Utku Celik, Gaurav Sharma, Ahmet Murat Tekalp, Eli

By Mehmet Utku Celik, Gaurav Sharma, Ahmet Murat Tekalp, Eli Saber

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Complicated visible research and challenge fixing has been performed effectively for millennia. The Pythagorean Theorem was once confirmed utilizing visible capacity greater than 2000 years in the past. within the nineteenth century, John Snow stopped a cholera epidemic in London by means of featuring particular water pump be close down. He chanced on that pump by means of visually correlating facts on a urban map.

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6 Downsides to Video Compression There are times when video compression causes more problems than it solves. Trying to deploy it in unsuitable circumstances leads to difficulty later in the production and consumption cycle. 1 Origination Stage Video compression should be avoided at the origination stage. Some cameras compress the video as it is written to tape or disk inside the camera. These devices never yield an uncompressed output. The consequence is that any content you shoot with such a camera will probably turn out to be totally useless for anything other than home movies.

In this chapter the important aspects of film are examined. Knowing about the nature of film will help you get the most out of the compression process if this is where your source material is coming from. 3 How Film Projectors Work Projectors and cameras transport the film in the same way. The camera simply uses a slightly larger shutter aperture than the projector. Many alternative mechanisms were 43 44 A Practical Guide to Video and Audio Compression tried and discarded before the sprocket-driven serial frame design became dominant.

Archiving systems tend to be large in both cases because there is a lot of material available. The metadata associated with the content assists the searching process and also facilitates the digital rights management (DRM) process. The content is easily accessible and widely available, but the playback can be controlled. Video may need to be encrypted as well as encoded. Other technologies such as watermarking are used, and these present additional technical problems. This is all addressed in more detail in Chapter 18, where DRM is covered extensively.

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