Martyr (Star Trek New Frontier, No 5) by Peter David

By Peter David

With the autumn of the traditional Thallonian Empire, civil conflict threatens the planet of Zondar. the arriving of the U.S.S Excalibur is greeted with reduction and get together by way of the worried population, and Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, clean from his cataclysmic break out shape the Thallonian throneworld, is acclaimed as their prophesied savior. yet one believer's messiah is another's blasphemer -- and a chief candidate for martyrdom.
When Captain Calhoun is captured, Lieutenant Commander Burgoyne needs to locate him sooner than an alien fleet introduced a holy warfare opposed to the Federation!

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He voice went to a higher and higher pitch, bubbling just short of total hysteria. "You want predictions? You want to know what to expect from the future? Look to the stars, Suti! All of you, look to the stars, for from there will come the Messiah! The bird of flame will signal his coming! He will bear a scar, and he will be a great leader! He will come from air and return to air! And he will be slain by the appointed one! Read the writings, Suti! Read of the appointed one and keep that knowledge secret, within the acolytes, for the appointed one must not know the destiny that awaits until the time of slaying!

Asked Suti incredulously. \ \ \ "Yes. They fly in the face of prophecy. They fight a hopeless battle. " \ \ \ "The Eenza are asking me when the Unglza are going to surrender, Ontear! I don't know what to tell them! ' In the meantime, hundreds of thousands have died! Perhaps millions! " \ \ \ And there began to be something in Ontear's eyes . . something that Suti had never seen before. A sort of burning intensity that caused a chill to spread down Suti's back. "That depends upon your point of reference, Suti.

Shards and rubble flew everywhere, and Suti pulled himself into a fetal position, arms crisscrossed over his head to afford himself what protection he could. He felt his belly beginning to heave and he couldn't control himself as he vomited up the entire contents of his stomach. Worst of all, he wasn't even aware that he had done it. \ \ \ Finally, however, he began to hear himself scream. It took a moment for him to realize that he was hearing his own voice, that the air mass was moving away. He continued to scream as if celebrating, with incredulity, his survival.

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