Mathematical Mminiatures [var. short essays] by S. Savchev, et. al.,

By S. Savchev, et. al.,

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R. (1959) Rottnest Island: the Rottnest Biological Station and recent scientific research. Rottnest Island as a location for biological studies. Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia, 42, 66–67. W. & Waring, H. (1959) Recent studies on marsupial ecology. Biogeography and Ecology in Australia (eds. A. L. S. Christian), pp. 315–331. Dr. W. Junk, The Hague, Netherlands. H. (1981) Fire and the Australian Aborigine - an enigma. Fire and the Australian Biota (eds. M. H. R. Noble), pp. 55–76.

Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia, 66, 20–24. Samojlik, T. & Jędrzejewska, B. (2005) The bison - rich treasure of the forests. Conservation and Hunting: Bialowieza Forest in the Time of Kings. (ed T. Samojlik), pp. 75–88. Mammal Research Institute, Polish Academy of Science, Bialowieza, Poland. B. (1972) The Serengeti Lion, University of Chicago Press, Chicago. , Aitken, R. D. (1954) The recent increase of the rarer native mammals. The Western Australian Naturalist, 4, 128–141. Short, J.

A fox and cat proof fence was established in 1992 (Schmitz and Copley 1997). The fence is a “mesh/electric wire composite fence” with closely spaced wires which form an electrical deterrent. It has wire netting to prevent animals pushing through the base of the fence and a buried mesh apron which deters animals from pushing or digging under the fence (Long and Robley 2004). Baiting and trapping were used to remove feral predators from the fenced area after construction, followed by intensive monitoring (using sandplots and spotlighting) for several months to ensure all foxes and cats were eradicated (Manda Page5 pers.

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