Maximizing Temp of Delivered Heat from AHTR [pres. slides]

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The second is the spherically shaped type situated between the humerus and the radius, and the third one is the cylindrically shaped type situated between the ulna and the radius. 4 BIOMECHANICS OF THE SKELETAL SYSTEM 31 FIG. 13 Elbow joint (X ray). the elbow occurs in the first and the second parts and the rotation of the radius occurs in the third part. The center of rotation coincides with the center of bending. For more details see Morray et al. (1981), Morray (1993), and Jazrawi et al. (2001).

Generally, bones are nonhomogenous and anisotropic materials. Among active elements we can include muscles, which are able to change the energy of biomechanical reactions into work and develop some power for achieving movement. Mechanical qualities of active and passive elements of a human locomotive organ have been changing during its life. A bone tissue is a connective type of tissue whose solid composition enhances its supportive and protective roles. It consists of cells and an organic extracellular matrix of fibers and a ground substance produced by the cells.

Friction in the Coulombian sense depends on the absolute value of a normal component of an acting force, with an increasing normal force the friction and wear increase, too. We speak about friction and sliding pairs. , arthroplasty). From tribology of human joints the viscoelastic properties of the synovial liquid are sufficiently known. It seems that according to experimental results of many authors (Walker, Erkman, Weightman, Duff-Barclay, and Spillman), the synovial liquid after an artificial joint application is secreted into the joint in the same chemical constitution as in the natural joint.

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