Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Database Implementation Training by Microsoft Press, Microsoft Corporation

By Microsoft Press, Microsoft Corporation

Candidates for the MCP tests can study all they should learn about Microsoft SQL Server with assistance from this education package. This name can be certain at SQL Server implementers, procedure engineers, and builders who're liable for making plans and deploying Microsoft SQL Server and writing Transact-SQL code.

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Example 2 This example demonstrates how a dynamically executed statement can be used to change an option only for the duration of the statement. The SET NOCOUNT option causes the count of the number of rows affected not to be returned. The example compares the Transact-SQL for the EXECUTE statement with the sp_executesql system stored procedure. EXEC ('SET NOCOUNT ON USE Northwind SELECT * FROM Employees') EXEC sp_executesql N'SET NOCOUNT ON USE Northwind SELECT * FROM Employees' Using Transactions Transactions, like batches, are groups of statements that are submitted in a set.

Lesson 2: Elements of Transact-SQL 33 34 Lesson 2: Elements of Transact-SQL Delimited Identifiers If an identifier complies with all of the rules for the format of identifiers, it can be used with or without delimiters. If an identifier does not comply with one or more of the rules for the format of identifiers, it must always be delimited. Delimited identifiers can be used in the following situations: • When names contain embedded spaces or other characters not allowed in standard identifiers • When reserved words are used for object names or portions of object names • Delimited identifiers are enclosed in brackets or double quotation marks when they are used in Transact-SQL statements.

Comparison operators) • ^ (Bitwise Exclusive OR), & (Bitwise AND), | (Bitwise OR) • NOT • AND • ALL, ANY, BETWEEN, IN, LIKE, OR, SOME • = (Assignment) Use parentheses to override the defined precedence of the operators in an expression. SQL Server handles the most deeply nested expression first. When two operators in an expression share the same level of precedence, they are processed in order from left to right. Functions Transact-SQL provides many functions that return information. Functions return values that can be used in expressions.

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