Modernism and Nostalgia: Bodies, Locations, Aesthetics by T. Clewell

By T. Clewell

This booklet addresses the a number of meanings of nostalgia within the literature of the interval. even if depicted as an emotion, remembrance, or fixation, those essays display that the nostalgic impulse unearths how deeply rooted within the broken, the previous, and the vanishing, have been the diversity of efforts to visualize and bring the new―the especially smooth.

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Rewriting the Thirties: Modernism and After (Longman Studies In Twentieth Century Literature)

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The textual content reconsiders a number of the prime writers of the interval within the gentle of contemporary theoretical advancements, via essays at the ambivalent assimilation of Modernist impacts, between proletarian and canonical novelists together with James Barke and George Orwell, and between poets together with Auden, MacNeice, Swingler and Bunting, and within the paintings of feminist writers Vera Brittain and Winifred Holtby. during this massive remapping, the complexity and scope of literary-critical debate on the time is mentioned in terms of theatrical innovation, viewers attitudes to the mass medium of modernity - cinema - the poetics of suburbia, consumerism and nationwide ideology, in addition to the discursive innovations of British and American documentarism.

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But there comes a point when the strain of contemporary events becomes unmanageable and the novel departs both from the Edwardian sense of an embattled but still largely intact British order (chapters 1–2) and from the Georgian pastoral escapism of Monkey Island (chapters 3–4). 3 Jenny’s visions and her spiritual disillusionment, in addition to Dr. Anderson’s Freudian discourse, should convince most readers that the narrative has surmounted both its Edwardian and Georgian phases and is now headed into modernist territory.

They believed that what was lost with the passing of modernism was “a literature answerable only to the standards of its form” (288). MacKay argues that while mid-century nostalgia for modernism in the work of Powell and Waugh had the effect of rendering this version of modernist aestheticism synonymous with 20 Modernism and Nostalgia modernism as a whole, it also enabled both writers to produce texts that are more complex, engaging, and informative than the overtly political literary documents of the mid-century period.

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