Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry of Natural Products by Jurgen-Hinrich Fuhrhop, Claus Endisch

By Jurgen-Hinrich Fuhrhop, Claus Endisch

An evaluate of the recognized houses of usual items and their version compounds to figure out their usefulness in organic and scientific experimentation, in addition to in synkinetics - the reversible synthesis of noncovalent compounds. It explores new concepts reminiscent of cryoelectron and scanning strength microscopy and solid-state NMR spectroscopy of membrane platforms. There are 500 figures and response schemes.

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This name is only descriptive of the formation of m i n i ~ a surface l molecul~ asse~blies of ~ p ~ e ~orc planar al shape. In such aggregates the combination of nondirected, repulsive h ~ ~ a t i forces o n between the head groups of amphiphiles withstatistical entropic effects and nondirectedvan der Waals interactionsbetween hydropho~icskeletonsleadsto particleswith the smallestpossible surface. The “self’ in the organization process then just means entropy controlled. If, however, linear-binding forces, asymmet~caldistribution of head groups in bolaamphiphiles, and chirality determine a well-defined molecular orderingasymme~cal in assemblies, we speak of synkinesis in analogy to covalent synthesis.

Two similarly charged surfaces will repel eachother by a double layer repulsion force. , perchloratefor ammonium head groups, will lead to precipitation. 3. ~ y ~ r a t or i os~~ l v e forces ~t can be attractive, repulsive, or oscillatory. These additional forces depend on the medium encounte~gthe particle as well as the chemical and physical propertiesof the surfaces. Amorphous or crystalline, smooth or rough, rigid or fluid-l~e-all of these differences havea large effect on short-range interactions (<3 m)in liquid media.

Onomeric saccharides, nucleic bases, and amino acids are in general ~ommerciallyavailable. The major synthetic problem with these natural compounds lies in the development of high-yield condensation reactions, which allow automated syntheses of poly(aceta1s) or polysaccharides, poly(phos- Br phodiesters) or polynucleotides, and polyamides or proteins. 3. They do not include synthetic reactions (CC bond formation), but correspond to reversible group inversions; a carboxylic acid is changed to an ester, an amide, etc.

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